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Wedding day is a special day for couples. This occasion is the big day in there life. This is the time were they will be called a married couples. These days there are a lot of gifts ideas you can pick or choose to give for them. Always make sure every gift that they received from you can be useful and make them smile and appreciate you for being their and supporting their union.

Maybe you're familiar with gifts like glasses, plates, rice cookers, coffee makers, etc? I guess you are because most wedding gifts are the items listed. So if you're tired of the usual gifts such as electronics, appliances and even kitchen tools, I have some of the unusual gifts for wedding days.

Money as Gifts

Its true money is a best gift that you can present to them on the special day of there lives. While it may seem an uncreative idea, money is always the most important thing to start a new family. Especially if the couple is young, it could help them save for something big to help them in their future plans in life. It may also help them enjoy their honeymoon or help them set up their house if ever they kitchen tools or appliances.

Some people thinks that giving cash is rude but it's not. Giving cash instead of gifts that you've chosen can give more flexibility and use to the couple. They wouldn't be happy to open a gift and receive another coffee maker. Remember that the reason why we give gifts on wedding is to show that we love them, we support them and we want to help them start their lives together. They can choose whatever they want to se the money for and they can start budgeting and planning their own lives. This gift can be paired with personal gifts as well.

Bottle of Wine for the Newly Weds

By giving a bottle of beautiful or maybe expensive or collectible wine, they can enjoy it on their honeymoon or even display in on their house and keep it for future romances or even intimate gatherings. Try to choose wine that has a nice vase or label. They will always remember you everytime they see the bottle of wine you gave them. Remember it doesn't matter how big, expensive or simple your gift is as long they can appreciate it and remember that you were there on the best time of their lives.


Chocolate is one of the most popular sweets. The couple can indulge in chocolate to lose stress because it has great effects on the body. It can also create happiness to the couple. Giving a fondue machine is also great. The couple can have fun eating sweets while talking. Giving chocolates offers sweetness. There are a lot of stores that offers services to give you gift baskets full of chocolates. You may also ask someone to sculpt the couple's silhouette so they can use that during the reception.Chocolates can give more intimate moments to the newly weds.

Marriage is not a joke at all and it could be hard to live with the one you love. Most people are scared of the responsibility but if you're there as a friend, they definitely have someone to share their feelings. By giving gifts, you can show your support.

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Tea is a great wedding gift

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