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When looking for scholarships you should look specifically for scholarships for girls if you are female. By doing so you increase your chances of receiving a scholarship by cutting out all the males that may apply for scholarships. There are many different type so scholarships available and these can be found online or by searching through scholarship books.

Scholarships for girls vary from those already attending university as they tend to be more essayed based such as the Calgon essay contest and the national essay contest presented by the women's travel magazine and a brief essay for Exclamation fragrance. The CosmoGIRL! Scholarship is available or those in middle school and high school and the National rifle Association and the National Foundation for women legislators offer a scholarship to juniors and seniors in high school.

Girls Going Places has a scholarship for girls between the ages of 12 and 18 and if you excel at golf and are a senior in high school then you should apply for the scholarship from the Women's Western Golf foundation. If you can successfully answer the question from Exclamation fragrance then you have the chance to win up to $3, 000 in awards.

For those girls interested in public policy the Pedro Zamora public policy fellowship is available for those pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies. The American Association of University Women offers scholarships for girls of all ages.

If you are in the last year of your undergraduate study then you can apply for the Google Anita Borg scholarship form Google. If you study Women's studies then the Pergamon NWSA graduate scholarship is perfect.

Other scholarships programs include the Miss USA program which requires participation in their program buts offers many funding opportunities. For those with very high grades there are scholarships available from the national honors society. If your parents are in any groups or have a military background then you should see if any of those organizations offer scholarships. There are also many scholarships available for extracurricular activities and are not based on your grades.

As with any school you should see what scholarships your university offers. All schools have funding available. Other foundations and associations that offer scholarships for girls include prizes in many different fields such as scholarships for women engineers, scholarships for those in the field of mathematics, technology scholarships, fellowships and grants available for girls that may not have directly entered university after high school and even a scholarship from Sony for any girl that want sto go into game design.

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Winson this is a great interest to me I have a daughter. This Is very helpful. Golf is a great way for them to get a scholarship.

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