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Athletes who are looking to improve their sports performance are always searching for ways to improve their vertical leap. The Luke Lowrey Vertical Jump Report brings us Double Your Vertical Leap, a module that will show you how you can significantly increase the height of your vertical jump. This helpful module will allow you to discover the very formula that has allowed lots of athletes to jump higher than what they thought they could.

Double Your Vertical Leap helps us understand the different factors that affect the height of our vertical jump. One of that factors that it features is the UPN or uncompromised performance number. This number is a set of measurements that help trainers personalize and fast track your vertical jump training.

This guide also dishes out the exact number of repetitions, sets, and rest calculations that will allow you to improve the height of your vertical jump faster than what you thought was possible. This simply means that you will be undergoing exercise routines that are tailored according to your specific needs.

Another valuable feature of this guide is its discussion of the things that you must avoid if you want to maximize your vertical jump, and how ordinary jump training programs actually include them. It will also show you new techniques on how your body can produce more power immediately.

If you are planning to jump higher than the rest, then Double Your Vertical Leap is definitely a guide worth taking a second look at. It will teach you how you can correctly and effectively include water training, isometrics, explosive dead start lifts, and true plyometrics into your vertical jump training routine. Truly, this is one of the best ways to increase the height of your vertical leap. Start improving your vertical jump today, visit their website and learn how.

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