Exercise Videos That Are Fun And Will Get Rid Of That Holiday Weight

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With the holidays approaching, some of us start to feel a tightening of more than our wallets… our clothes are getting tight, too. All those yummy treats are packing on the pounds. Maybe it's not a lot, but you can feel the weight slowly creeping up. Do we have to accept this fate as inevitable?

Holidays and weight gain may go hand-in-hand for many of us, but does it have to be that way? Is it something you are willing to accept? Well, not me! Not this year! Watching my waistline expand is no longer acceptable. I'm going to take action.

Spending a lot of time driving to the gym and signing an expensive contract is not an option for me. With time and money both being in short supply these days, I need an exercise program that's convenient and affordable. That's why I'm choosing exercises I can do at home.

Now, I don't want my exercise program to be boring. I dread the thought of laying on the floor doing 100 crunches to the drone of my own voice. I want some fun and exciting alternatives to the same tired videos that I remember from years ago – women with big hair in leg warmers barking out exercise drills. I'm looking for something fun, and I think I've found it!

Belly Dancing: Shake and shimmy your way to a trim waistline. You can simply exercise using belly dance moves, or you can learn proper belly dancing techniques. Either way, you'll find a wide variety of videos available that will have you moving to the beat in no time and whittling your body down in the process.

Exotic Dancing: You want to burn fat fast and get your cheeks all nice and rosy, too? This is an incredibly fun way to exercise. Talk about eliminating boredom! Go ahead and do a little “bump and grind” in the privacy of your own house, guided by a virtual trainer. These exercise videos will give you all the right moves to not only get rid of that extra weight, but maybe you'll get someone else interested in joining you in your fitness program!

Yoga or Pilates: These exercise programs not only have fantastic results, but they are suitable for all ages, from young kids to the elderly. Using low impact exercises, you'll be stretching and strengthening your whole body, while becoming more flexible. This results in a leaner you! Your extra weight will disappear, you'll feel stronger, and have fun doing it!

Ballet Dancing: You know that a ballet dancer's body is lean and sculpted, so it makes sense to exercise like they dance. Of course, these exercise videos are not intended to turn you into prima ballerinas, but if you can shed a few pounds and look better using some of the same moves, wouldn't you want to? Ballet exercise videos are meant to help you lose weight while becoming more graceful and poised. All very good things.

Pick out several different styles of exercise videos to help you keep from being bored with the same routine. But, more importantly, changing your exercise program will keep your muscle's “memory” from adapting to the same old movements. This is what is considered a plateau, where you reach a point in which you stop losing weight or strengthening muscles.

Keep moving, no matter what you choose to do, and those holiday pounds will start to drop off. You'll be back in your “skinny clothes” before you know it! It will happen if you start a fun new exercise program today!

Boring exercises are the number one reason New Year's resolutions to lose weight fail. Don't let that happen to you this year. Visit FunExerciseVideos.com where you'll find tae bo exercise videos at great prices, and never boring!

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