Neck Massage Techniques – 7 Steps for a Quick and Relaxing Massage

Tess Rainey

This article will discuss neck massage techniques and 7 methods for giving a fast and relaxing massage. The techniques discussed below will relax a...

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Jerry @ santa rosa massage Author May 04, 2010

I think that if you were going to give the best strokes for the neck, you've got the 7. There are a few others such as pulling on the neck when lying down but this is not quick or easy. I like your finishing strokes. These strokes integrate the work that has been done with the rest of the body. Thanks so much for your summary of techniques.
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jonathan@chair massage houston Author May 03, 2011

These are diffinitely some great techniques. The neck is one of the most common places where were store tension. It is mainly in the trap muscles that run up the neck. There is another technique where you put pressure at the muscle attachment at the occipital lobe. This one can be painful for some people so use caution.

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Kathy Author Oct 25, 2010

Great list ? I personally am not particularly fond of the karate chops and have never heard of the lobster claws. My shoulders are the most tense area for me so this is where I like the most work.

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lita massage Author Oct 22, 2010

i like to go online and search for lita massage clips. informative and very very relaxing, her voice is so nice. look her up.

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Marie @ Massage Vibrator Author Oct 21, 2010

Great article ? I shall be sure to give my boyfriend this for 7 tips to help with his massage technique. I constantly get sore tight muscles in the neck and shoulders from being at a computer most of the day so I definitely need to give myself or get my boyfriend to give me a massage regularly.

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