Facial Massage Techniques – 3 Beneficial Reasons to Try Facial Massage

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This article will look at the benefits of using some facial massage techniques. The 3 great reasons to massage your face discussed below enhance your appearance, reduce stress and help the rest of your body function better.

1. Prevent Blemishes and Unclog Pores: Since first impressions are so important, the face is usually something people spend a lot of time on, and yet it is usually the last place on your body that gets treated with respect and love. Because it is the first thing people usually see, most people want their face to look its best, which for women usually means makeup and product used on a regular basis. This can take its toll on your skin, and trying to look beautiful can often have opposite results.

A facial massage will undo some of the damage mentioned above and will finally give your face the treatment it needs and deserves. Doing this will help you achieve the ultimate look you have been after, and usually in a less intrusive manner. Facial massage techniques help unclog pores and prevent blemishes so in the end you won't have as many “imperfections” to try and cover up anyway.

2. Prevent Wrinkles and Strengthen Facial Muscles: People don't often realize that their face has mucles just like the rest of the body, that is until these muscles start to fail them. When you massage the chin and neck, you can stregnthen the faciel muscles and even prevent a double chin, the face can easily be damaged by environmental and emotional factors, it is time to treat it kindly and reap the benefits a short facial massage can do.

When you massage your face you will be decreasing the number of wrinkles that form and this will leave you looking younger simply by doing something that is enjoyable. Since you don't want to stretch or lengthen your facial muscles, you shouldn't massage your face for more than 20 minutes.

3. Increase Circulation and Reduce Impurities: To increase circulation and reduce impurities, use soft, circular and upwards motions. You'll see the difference in your appearance you will probably even feel the difference throughout your body.

Your ears are a great example of this as they are pressure points that can stimulate the rest of the body; so you can help your body work better by massaging them and pulling them back at the end of a facial massage.

This article discussed facial massage techniques and 3 good reasons why you should consider getting a facial massage. Not only will it unclog pores and prevent blemishes, a facial massage will help prevent wrinkles as well as strengthen facial muscles, increase circulation and reduce impurities. If the massage is done correctly, and is no longer than 20 minutes long, either given to yourself or by someone else, it can help you look younger, feel younger and age gradually with style.

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You forgot to mention how great a facial massage feels ? I think a lot of people don't really how much tension they store in their d#face muscles until they get a face massage.

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