Pubic Lice: Eight Steps For Proper Treatment

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The public lice can be transmitted to individuals through intimate physical contact. There is also a chance of getting infected if the clothing and other articles of the infected individual is touched.

This infection, of crabs as they are known for their appearance under the microscope, can be treated with either over the counter drugs or the prescription medicines. The treatment of this transmitted disease is altogether different from the treatment of other sexually transmitted diseases.

The pyrethrin lice shampoo containing one percent solution of permethrin is the most favored shampoo for the treatment of public lice, otherwise called pediculicide, which is freely available. If the shampoo is used as per the instructions, it gives effective results. Doctors' prescribe a product known as Lindane for this disease, which is contra-indicated for pregnant women and kids below two years of age.

When using either over-the-counter or prescribed lice medication, apply the following steps making sure never to get the solution in your eyes:

1. The affected part should be meticulously washed and dried with the help of a towel.

2. The area of pubic hair should also be covered with the medicated solution. The over the counter formulations should be kept for 10 minutes, whereas Lindane, the prescribed one to be for only 4 minutes. After wards, the area should be properly rinsed with plain water and dried properly with the help of a towel.

3. Use your fingernails or some comb soaked in medicine for taking out the dead nits from the hair of the affected part.

4. After the removal of the dead nits, fresh garments have to be put on.

5. Destroy all the lice remaining on your clothes or in the bedding that you have been using. Garments that were used since three days before the treatment should also be machine washed at a temperature of 130F. They should be dried in the machine by keeping the optimum temperature for at least 20 minutes. Garments which can not be washed in machine should be properly dry cleaned.

6. It is vital to inform your partner about this so that the treatment for both is undertaken con- currently.

7. Avoid any sexual contact for at least two weeks while you examine and see if the efforts you have taken have been successful.

8. If it is found that the crabs have not been eradicated, the treatment should be repeated as described above.

You may be lucky and find only a few nits on infected eyebrows and eyelashes that can be easily removed with your fingernails or a nit comb. However, if these areas are heavily infected, you'll need to acquire a prescription issued ophthalmic-grade petroleum to treat the eyelids twice a day for two weeks. Do not use any over-the-counter petroleum jelly because this will likely irritate your eyes.

Tamali E. Burns wrote this article to educate people on how to properly apply pubic lice treatment and knowledge. Getting rid of pubic lice is a difficult task that often doesn't fly on the first try. Proper action is required to successfully rid these annoying pests.

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While many Lice treatments claim to be generic, they are not always suitable for using on the genitals, because of skin sensitivity. The chemical in the product will kill the parasite in both areas (in most cases) but the side effects can be very different depending on skin type.

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