The Rewards Of Using Homemade Bath Salts

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I always walked by the variety of colorful packages of bath salts at the store, but didn't think too much about them except they looked really nice. I didn't know a thing about them, and I didn't find any reason to use them at home. I always thought they were geared towards luxurious people.

But, it is better than late than never. Now that I know about what aromatherapy is and how natural elements are used to relieve different skin and body ailments. It is a neat fact to know that this is a natural effect of stepping into a hot spring, or into a natural mineral bath (where natural salts exist). Exfoliating the skin to remove dead cells is a very important beauty and health regimen, so it is also nice to know that you can do this at home with homemade bath salts.

And to think about how much grime I can get out of my pores from using these homemade bath salts! Genius! All that bacteria and sweat, just scrubbed away in the midst of all that exfoliation. Bye bye, zits, bye bye. My face is feeling so at ease already just thinking about it. All the pores on my face will be so open and free–it will surely heal with happiness with nothing blocking or in the way.

The added benefit of using homemade bath salts are not just revolving around cleanliness, but also with disinfecting properties, too. You can apply rubbing these epson bath salts to the skin when it is afflicted with Athlete's Foot or eczema, or when you have some type of skin infection (or a rash). This can also be used to treat bug bites, too.

And, if you are feeling that your muscles are tense from such a long and stressful day, or if you worked out a bit too hard, you can be assured that epsom bath salts can be massaged into the joints and tendons so the muscles inside can relax and feel at ease.

You yourself can also feel at ease when you breathe in the amazing-smelling scents from the essential oils used to mix in with the homemade bath salts. You will find your mood relax, your stress lift, and your well-being feeling that much better as you breathe in the Juniper and Lavender oils.

If you stay in the bath long enough, be careful as your fingers will lose water and look like prunes. There's only so much that the Epsom bath salts can do, as they do adjust the composition of the bath water and create a protective layer on the skin so that water does not enter or leave too much.

It is amazing to know that there is so much that this little colorful jar of homemade bath salts can do for you. Who would have known that something that smells so nice also makes you feel nice (inside the muscles and outside the skin). Thankfully, it is a very cheap yet priceless activity to make these salts.

Sydney Garrett likes homemade bath salts and makes pastel-colored bath soaps ingredients for fun.

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I love great bath salts. They do such wonderful things for your skin. You're right about all your pores opening up and cleaning out. It's great.

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