Reasons Ladies Worldwide Want Coach Purses & Bags

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Coach bags draw women to them like bees to honey. What is it that makes them so desirable? It could be the style and design of each beautiful bag. Coach purses & bags are known for the quality of materials and perfection of stitching. The leather is so soft it is hardly recognizable as leather. There is a variety of shapes and sizes and most are decorated with the little letter C clasp that turns in order to lock the purse shut. Women love Coach bags because they are a quality product that will last for years and go with just about any outfit they have.

Coach was a family workshop in Manhattan that was founded in 1941. Six people made the bags by hand and passed down skills they had learned from their ancestors. They product was made perfectly and was appreciated by anyone who was lucky enough to have one of those early bags. Coach prides itself on the quality of their product from the materials they use to the stitching that holds the bag together. It would not be surprising to find that some of those first bags were still looking good and in use even today because a Coach bag lasts for ever with the right kind of care.

Handbags by Coach tend to cost much more than most bags, but most women do not care. They love the finesse of each bag. They love the soft leather. They know that leather is going to get softer and softer will age with them like a fine wine. The designers who create the bags at coach take a look at fashion and make bags that go along with that fashion yet make it classic at the same time. Most bags are leather but there is a line of summery straw bags from which to choose as well.

The biggest seller has always been the shoulder tote bag. This shape of purse is the off spring of one made during the nineteen sixties and was extremely popular then. Not only is it made with the signature leather but also has the brass hardware for which the company is well known. There are bags in conservative colors like black, navy, and tan. You can also get bags in bright orange, lime green and other beautiful solids and floral designs. They come in pastels and some have butterflies and dragon flies emblazoned on them. When pleated clothing was in style Coach made a bag that was pleated. Since distressed fabric is now very popular the new line uses distressed leather.

Coach does not make mass amounts of bags on an assembly line. There is a process that starts with softening up the leather in large drums for several days. They never skimp on the amount of time it takes because the bag will not have that signature softness women have come to expect from Coach. The company does not use much of the leather it processes just because it is not soft enough. Spun cotton is used to stitch the purse together and in areas that have a better chance of coming apart, they are double stitched for extra strength. Coach bags have a lifetime warranty that allows the owner to ship it to the company in Manhattan. They will repair the bag and if they cannot they will give you a new bag or give you a discount on a brand new one of your choice.

You can find reproductions of Coach bags that are not made by the company. These do not cost as much as a real bag that can start at $200, so if you see one for less you can expect it to be a fake. You only have to feel the softness of the leather to know what is real and what is a reproduction. You cannot fake the softness or suppleness of a Coach bag and the fakes cannot stand up to the quality of a real one. The letter C is the logo of Coach and it is prominent in most of their designs. The C should be symmetric on the purse. If any letter C is shortened or sewn into a seam you can expect the purse to be a fake. In a real bag all the letter C designs are visible and whole. You will not see any hanging or frayed threads on a real Coach. Make sure the bag is made of good material including the lining. The only bag Couch makes that does not have lining is the Classic. Check the little letter C lock closure and make sure it turns to lock.

Why do women yearn for the touch of a Coach purse or bag? They are of high quality, they last forever and look great for a very long time, they are classic in style, they reflect the fashion of the day yet can be used for years. A woman with a Coach bag will look stylish whether she is wearing jeans or a cocktail dress and there are bags that go with every style and flair. It is the softness of the leather, the security of the lock closure, and the distinctive style that causes a woman to love Coach bags.

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I really don't understand why women love this coach bags or purses. They even get hooked up to shoes or sandals. waaaaa.

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