“You Failed To Quit Smoking Successfully – Now Specialist Stephen Richards Reveals How To Overcome A Relapse”

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Giving up nicotine addiction can lead to the bodily functions running out of control! Associated health risks of quitting smoking include an increase in weight, bad temper, misery and sadness. The medical fraternity prefer to ignore these additional health risks as they are not considered as life threatening as smoking is.

The countries in the Third World with the lowest tobacco consumption have some of the shortest life expectancies of its inhabitants! Throughout the 20th century there is a reliable, worldwide relationship between rising tobacco consumption and rising life expectancy, nation by nation. Either you are a smoker or a non-smoker. There's no in-between. Some can quit smoking with ease, whereas in other cases it can be a drawn out love/hate relationship.

Doctors at the K.S. Hegde Medical Academy in Mangalore, India were struck by the more than casual relationship between the appearance of lung cancer and an abrupt and recent cessation of the smoking habit in many, if not most, cases. Backing this up is how anti-smoking guru and former smoker Allen Carr who helped many smokers kick the habit died from lung cancer.

Self-help therapist Stephen Richards clarifies why giving up smoking without first taking some precautionary steps can be chancy, “Tolerance levels to high dosages of nicotine and the related unhealthy by-products from smoking can build up a high degree of immunity within a smoker. Of course this comes about over a long period of time, so it makes sense that to stop suddenly can bring about certain physiological reactions that want to heal the body from what clogged its respiratory system up. This is when problems can occur. Stopping smoking in an uncontrolled manner can bring about certain reactions within the body, activating an uncontrolled cell division and tumour genesis. This is why it is wise to lock out the potential of such an incidence from happening.”

Some smokers fail to take into account a protected and natural way to give up smoking, as this can have a bearing on health issues later on in life. There are numerous time saving routes when it comes to giving up smoking, but do be aware that not all are beneficial in the long-term.

The traditional route of hypnosis for smoking cessation can be costly in terms of time and money. By all means, do seek out a registered hypnotherapist if you propose to take this line of attack against tobacco addiction. But ensure that you are prepared to go through quite a few sessions, as one or two sessions only hit the surface of what needs to be tackled in an in-depth way. This is why so many ex-smokers who have undergone only a few sessions of hypnotherapy start smoking again.

Ninety per cent of the smoking addiction is mental, and only 10 per cent is physical! This is why a published study found that smokers who traded in their so-called full strength cigarettes for low tar cigarettes failed to kick the habit, and they had more attempts to kick the habit than other smokers. It was also found that they were only half as likely to actually stub out their final cigarette. Switching to a low tar alternative actually gives a false sense of security that smoking is safe and undermines the resolve to actually quit.

Subliminal audios that target the subconscious mind can be quite potent, but they have a drawback! The actual subliminal message is self-defeating because in order for it to work you have to hear all what is being spoken, and invariably some of what you are supposed to hear is lost in the background music or sounds on the audio you are listening to. This really defeats the purpose of subliminal messaging. Where subliminals really work is in imagery, but that is no use for smoking cessation therapy.

There is a substitute for cigarettes … the imitation cigarette! Why when you want to give up smoking do you want to replace it with something that looks exactly like a cigarette, bellows smoke like a real cigarette, has an ember that lights up at the end and actually feeds you the very nicotine you want to break free from? The subconscious mind does not stand a chance of vanquishing your addiction to nicotine.

When you want to break the vice-like grip nicotine has over you then the very last thing you need to be doing is keeping the hand to mouth action going, as that is part of the addiction. These electronic cigarettes do not help you break the cycle of smoking; in fact they could reinforce it!

The cost effectiveness of buying all these support products such as gum, patches, lozenges and herbal tinctures compared to a one product fix is not a reality for some. When your brain needs the fix of nicotine it takes a lot more than a patch or lozenge to fool it into giving up the need for a real smoke. What it requires is a direct fix, a fix that gets right to the core of the problem … not just the peripheries of it. This is what former clinical hypnotherapist Stephen Richards has come up with, an ingeniously simple fix that bypasses all of the obstacles and targets the exact zone that holds you to ransom when it comes to giving up smoking. You would think that a hypnotherapist would be endorsing the use of hypnosis for smoking cessation, but not so. The main criteria was that the fix had to be inexpensive and it had to work not just on helping you give up the craving, it had to also ensure your future health was safeguarded.

This new groundbreaking brainwave technology has been designed so that it does not use self-hypnosis or subliminal messaging. In less than 30 minutes the main track targets the core of the problem where you can picture and experience a life where your feelings and actions are not controlled by tobacco and the addiction to cigarettes.

Innovative self-help therapist and bestselling author Stephen Richards says, “I am extremely pleased with this product, it is well ahead of anything else out there that tackles smoking addiction. The old therapy disciplines that once tackled this are outdated; they have become jaded with the passage of time. I have developed a product that is exciting and genuine in what it does. This gives smokers a real chance to become and remain ex-smokers.”

Unlocking the supremacy of the unconscious mind is something Stephen Richards is an expert in, and it is exactly the harnessing of that power that removes the appetite for tobacco. It is just a case of releasing the power that is already within and using it to work for you. Using up to date technology this has everything needed to help you quit smoking.

The real breakthrough to help you quit smoking has moved one step closer to becoming a reality; the final step is in securing the very item that will change your life over and above anything available today. The design of the “The Ultimate Stop Smoking CD” by Stephen Richards has been structured in such a way that it is a joy to use. It also safeguards your future heath by allowing your healing process to kick in naturally and safely, thus avoiding the potential of uncontrolled cell division and tumour genesis.

Within this “The Ultimate Stop Smoking CD”, international best-selling mind power writer and stop smoking therapist Stephen Richards has developed one of the most effective ways to help you beat smoking addiction.

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Cigarette Monkey Author Nov 18, 2009

While you have some valid points on some of the products that are supposed to help ones self, quit smoking. I fail to understand how this product which you say targets the brain within 30 minutes, will not have the same effects that you mentioned methods which help you stop suddenly have. Namely by stopping to smoke in an uncontrolled manner (i.e. quitting suddenly etc.) can bring about certain reactions within the body, activating an uncontrolled cell division and tumor genesis.

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Electric Cigarette Smoker Author Mar 06, 2010

A lot of people think of the electric cigarette as a stop smoking device. For me, smoking electric cigarettes has made smoking more enjoyable and has removed some of the downside and even made it somewhat cheaper ? so it hasn't done much to help me quit ? al least I'm not getting so many chemicals, tar and other bad stuff.

edited Mar 06, 2010 - by @ElectricCigaretteSmoker28397
Electric Monkey Author Dec 24, 2009

I couldn't agree with you more! Smoking has gotten out of control and we need to get a grip on it.

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LuckeStrike e-cigarette Author Nov 18, 2009

E-cigarettes are not really sold as quit smoking device but a better alternative to smoking tobacco.

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