Top 8 Reasons to live in Bangalore

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Wondering which is the perfect place to live and work in India? Look no further that the southern town of Bangalore. With perfection from all angles; Bangalore is the best place to live and earn in India.


Over the years India has seen huge development in terms of both work and living standards. With the rapid growth and urbanization, Indians stand witness to change that is taking place daily. With new roads and highways, foreign companies bringing in more workforces etc; this is definitely the perfect time to be here. With high income level and comparatively lower cost of living ?? in comparison to developed countries; has definitely made India the perfect house according to global terms.

When you talk about India you have the top cities already listed in your head. Amongst that the best city to be living-in in India is none other than Bangalore or as the locals calls it Bengaluru. The top 8 reasons to live in Bangalore are listed below:

#8) Climate

India has the extreme of temperature from coastal – hot and humid, to desert – dry and cold, living here definitely required much more adjustment that you can think about. Bangalore's location makes it the destination for the perfect climate seekers. Not to hot or not to cold makes Bangalore the best place to live.

#7) Greenery

Most of the cities becoming a jungle of constructions, you hardly find anything green around you. Bangalore is exact opposite. Even though it is one of the top metropolitan city ?? it has managed to keep its greenery intact. Every colony and sector makes sure that you have parks and trees around. This also helps to keep some part of the pollution in check.

#6) People

The diversity of this city is a refreshing change. They embrace everyone who comes into their city. They have no barriers per say. To live the most comfortable life ?? Bangalore is the place.

#5) Culture

From the greatest rock band and all that jazz to the home of some of the best religious places ?? Bangalore is not only diverse; but it believes respecting each and every culture. From world class food joints to hangout pubs for all the generations; there is no other city like Bangalore.

#4) Travel and leisure

The best part of living in Bangalore is the weekends. If you don't want to spend your weekend in Bangalore you have a plethora of options around Bangalore that is both feasible and scenic. A quiet little weekend getaway is always in demand and Bangalore gives you plenty of options.

#3) Cost of Living

In comparison to the other metropolitan cities ?? Bangalore offers you a better lifestyle at a reasonable price. For example rents and consumer prices in Bangalore are 3.17% lower than Delhi and 23.31% lower than Mumbai.

#2) Job Opportunity

The IT boom and the influx of jobs in all the sectors (BPO, finance etc.); Bangalore has a job for everyone. With the latest entrant of the online companies ?? more jobs have opened up. At times you do not even need a degree to make it big in Bangalore. Bangalore also has many start up entrepreneurs that have built their own empires successfully, you could be next in that list.

#1) Property Appreciation & Prices

Bangalore has said to have a 41% appreciation in the mid segment real estate sector. With the development of areas that was once considered to be villages and outside Bangalore; Bangalore has also grown in size. With all the latest world class properties and builders making beautiful projects with all the amenities like power back up, 100% water supply, club, gym, swimming pool and more; you would not even think twice once you start living here. Bangalore as a city believes in the perfect combination of both work and fun. Living here is one of the best decisions that you could make for both professional and personal reasons.

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