Common mistakes that Students should avoid at the time of exams

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From a wrong study plan to lack of proper analysis, there are many common mistakes that students make. However, one cannot afford to avoid these mistakes and affect the result of any of your graduation level or competitive exams like CAT, MAT or XAT.

Here we highlight the common mistakes that every student should avoid at the time of taking an exam:


This is one of the common mistakes committed by most of us while writing an exam. As soon as you get your exam paper, there is no need to panic or get nervous as it delays your plan to go ahead with the question paper. Relax and go through all the sections to plan your time for each one of it.

Unplanned Approach

Any competitive exam, whether it is an MBA entrance exams or Engineering exam conducted by reputed institutes are time-based. To crack such exams, it is important to be organized. Many students just go unplanned and start answering questions. Such a mistake can result in either giving much time to attend one section and get less time for the last one!

Giving less time to read and understand the question

Many of us are in a habit of jumping into solving questions without understanding it properly. You think that you are saving your time, but it is the other way round. When you start solving a question without understanding it, you are simply wasting your time as it increases the chance of a wrong attempt. Hence, students are always advised to understand the question properly before rushing to solve it.

Focus on Quantity rather than quality

There are many MBA entrance exams like XAT, which include essay writing, many students give more emphasis on filling the pages and forget the importance of quality content. Moreover, in multiple type questions, the numbers of questions you attempt at times become more important for you than accuracy. Many competitive entrance exams include negative marking. Hence, focusing only on number of questions can result in losing your marks.

Choose to solve question on the basis of its length

Another common mistake! In competitive exams where multiple choice questions are given on various areas like data analysis, mathematical skill and English language, many students make choice of attempting a question on the basis of its length, especially in data analysis section. According to them the lengthier the question is, the more difficult it is. However, most of the times lengthy questions can include short-cuts to solve them in no minutes.

Every time exam patterns tend to change and so the level of its difficulty. While there is no single rule to crack any exam, following the above mentioned tips can help you to increase the chance of turning your exam result into a success.

Ignore the Clock

Failing to manage all the sections of the test paper is another expensive mistake made by most of the students. As selection to most of the entrance exams is based on meeting the cut-off marks for each section, lacking time management skills is a big drawback for students. Thinking that a section you are expert in will take 5-10 minutes to solve many questions is a common mistake. The idea is to divide the allotted time to all the sections accordingly.

Taking too much time to mark an answer

Thinking twice before marking an answer in multiple-choice questions is good, but watch out if you are going too slow. It is important to limit thinking time to be able to manage most of the questions in the given time.

So, get ready to avoid such mistakes that usually affect the chance of your exam success.

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