Solar Water Heaters- A Green Choice

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Solar water heater is much better than other water heaters available for heating water. You may not have heard about it or might be unaware about its great use in your home. Just like other water heaters, a solar water heater also provides you hot water and uses just sunlight for it. Purchasing a solar water heater for your home is advantageous in many ways and here we will discuss all those advantages.

If you want to make your home green then installing a solar water heater is an excellent choice. Solar water heater is operated through a free of cost resource (sunlight) which does not lead to environmental pollution. It also saves electrical energy and natural gas for future use.

All of us are looking for new ways to save lots of money. Putting in solar hot water heaters may seem expensive to you at first but its installation is very cost effective. The main reason behind this is, it pays for itself over a couple of years. The decrease in utility bills would pay the money in just few years because you are using free supply of sunlight to heat your water.

Few people think that solar heater does not work in a cold area but now due to advancement in solar energy collection, a solar water heater is also able to collect solar energy in a cold area and climatic condition do not affect its working.

The best part about solar hot water heaters is that they are very simple. They involve collecting energy from sun and then circulating it. There are some completely different varieties of solar hot water systems that use different strategies of functioning. Generally there are three different solar energy collection strategies that can be employed by these solar hot water heaters.

These include the flat plate collectors that we generally think of when we hear solar panels, evacuated tube solar collectors which use rows of glass tubes that are connected to a fin that includes a coating which absorbs solar energy and integral collector storage system that heats the water as it passes through the collector.

There are different circulation systems according to different climates. If there is no chance of water freezing in your pipes, heaters with a direct circulation system are better for you. This heat the water upon collection before it goes directly into your home. If you live in a colder climate, solar hot water heaters with an indirect circulation system will be better for you.

Therefore, purchase a solar water heater today and start living a greener life and help your environment. This will also help you in saving money on your monthly utility bills.

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If you want to find other designs then you can always do a research on the internet and you will find lots of manuals and guidelines on how to make a homemade solar water heater. It is the best option in today?s economic crisis. It is always good to be able to cut expenses and save a little for any other important expenses at home.
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