Common Causes Of Roof Leaks

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Often, the homeowners consider the roof leaks a general phenomenon and don't try to get into the thick of the things. However, the truth is that the usage habits play an important part in causing leaks and seepages along with the natural factors.

Along with the natural factors, some usage habits of the homeowners also contribute to the irregularities. In addition, imperfect architecture of the roof becomes a favorable ground for the occurrence of roof leaks and seepages. Taking care of all these aspects could help the homeowners in minimizing the onset of roof leaks to a large extent.

Among the different natural forces that attack the roofs of the home, the sun is considered the most damaging element. The harsh rays of the sun take some life out of the roof and reduce the efficiency of the roof over a period of time. The binding material between the different layers of the roof framework also bears the fury of excessive heat from the sun. Such a scenario offers an easy passage for water.

As a result of weak associations between the roofing segments, the water finds an easy passage into the internal structure of the roof. This is the reason why the rainfall is able to intensify the damage on your roof.

The households that are located along the coasts or on the hills face the problem from the wind as well. The pressure of the wind disturbs the rigidity of the roofing segments and makes them susceptible to leaks and seepages. Off course, one cannot stop such natural agents from attacking the roof segments, but the homeowners can construct the roof in such a way that it is well-prepared to face the fury of such forces. Each and every segment of the roof must be well insulated and must coordinate the overall working of the roof.

Often, the inexperienced roofers fail to construct a roof that abides by the expert's specifications. On the other hand, the experienced or licensed roofers would strictly follow the guidelines set by the builders and the experts. Once a sound setup is rendered to the roof, remember certain habits that must be avoided. For example, don't wear heavy-soled shoes while walking on a hot roof. The pressure pushes the soft adhesive out of the gap and the constituting segments become loose and faulty.

Examine the roof on a regular basis.

Lack of maintenance is the most common cause of roof leaks and seepages.

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Ellard Martin Author May 14, 2010

Hi Scott. In my case, the cause of my roof leak is a poorly done roofing job. At first, it was just mild that I ignored it, then it got worse! I called several roofing companies to come and take a look because the previous contractor have gone out of business! I ended up being referred to a roofers (NYC) contractor to inspect and repair the roof and they did just the expert roof repair I badly needed. As an initiative, I covered my roof to protect it from foreign objects and started regularly checking the condition.

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