Your Guide Before You Buy Office 2010

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We usually ask ourselves if the next new version of Microsoft Office worth the cost of an upgrade. It really depends. Microsoft is allowing us to try their product before they sell release it in the market, there are two version, the Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition and the Microsoft Office Web Apps. Since these are just trial versions, you get a lot more when you buy the full edition.

With the Office Starter, you get the very basic versions of Word and Excel, this is to replace Microsoft Works. Office Starter really isn't for sale, even after the trail period, but it is included on most Windows PC that doesn't include a paid version of Office 2010. It's not too hard for Microsoft to give away Office Starter because they are very basic, it is just an introductory to the full package, you don't get much of the functionalities like macros compatibility, pivot tables or SharePoint integration, and Office Starter has those annoying advertisements. These advertisements are about the later version in which you can do more things and are easier to use than the Starter.

The most used applications in Microsoft Office are Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, where in 2010 had upgraded considerably. The ribbon interface is now seen on all applications but is now revised to look more like the classic Office menu setup. You can now change the ribbon to the layout of your liking because File menu is once again available.

On each of the most commonly used applications also comes the most commonly used buttons, some are the save, print, share and customize. These have also been given enough attention by Microsoft, they made them easier to find, their buttons are bigger and their icons have richer colors. More upgrades are also developed on Microsoft SharePoint integration and Outlook 2010. Once noticeable new feature of Outlook 2010 is the Social Communicator which allows you to add your friends from different communications software into your Outlook contact list. It's been designed this way to make it easy for you to make Outlook 2010 your master inbox, contact list and calendar.

There are three major categories for the Office 2010, they are the Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student that comes with Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010 and OneNote 2010. Next is the Office 2010 Home and Business which comes with everything the first one has plus Outlook 2010. However, if you need more applications then you need to go with Office 2010 Professional which has all applications mentioned above plus Microsoft Access and Microsoft Publisher.

You can buy Office 2010 in a couple of ways, first is the Product Key Cards. Product Key Cards are basically just cards with Office activation codes. You need to type in the code on the Microsoft website to activate your product. The second way is the Boxed Full Version, this comes with complete sets of installation, CDs, manual hardcopy and licenses that can be installed on two to three PCs depending on the edition.

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I think Office 2010 is spectacular with the social networking features

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