The Perfect Humorous Wedding Speech

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For most people speaking in public is one of the most nerve wracking tasks they ever face. I have even heard some say they would rather have a root canal than have to make a speech. For most of us public speaking is something we are rarely called on to do; or, if we are approached we can usually find some excuse to not have to do it. Take heart, this is a fear that you, like many great public performers, can overcome.

A couple of highly regarded performers who have overcome the fear of public speaking or performing before an audience are Caruso and Churchill. The story is told that Caruso, one of the greatest opera singers in history, suffered from such stage fright that he became physically ill before every performance. He conquered his fear of performing before an audience by giving himself a stern pep talk backstage before he went on. The great British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, known worldwide as a wonderful orator, wrote and rewrote his speeches and rehearsed and rehearsed to achieve the perfection he was well known for.

When a friend asks you to be in their wedding and you realize that it will involve your standing up before the gathered guests and make a short speech or toast it may frighten you. Your impulse is to turn the invitation to participate down. Even worse you are expected to be funny.

Do not panic because you have to come up with a humorous wedding toast or speech for your friend's wedding. With a series of steps we can help you put the funny toast together and prepare you to deliver it. You don't do this kind of thing often but with our help you can do it this time with flair.

As you begin thinking about speech by brainstorming for ideas of what you will say. As remembrances of the couple come to mind write them down. Focusing on the stories that involve family and friends always makes a good speech or toast. As funny or interesting as they may be omit any stories that could possibly cause embarrassment for the couple or the guests. You may want to talk at length to the engaged couple and make note of what you learn.

After the brainstorming and interviews write a first draft. Both the first draft and the final draft should begin with an introduction of yourself, a foolproof way to break the ice and relax yourself. Include in your introduction a description of your relationship with the couple. Follow this with a funny memory from the past. Focus your attention on the couple not the whole crowd, this will help relax you. End the talk with some heartwarming thoughts for the couple and what their friendship has meant to you.

Now you are ready to compile your ideas, jokes and stories into the final draft of your humorous wedding speech that is no more than five minutes long or between 600 and 700 words. Once you have the final draft you can now begin memorizing and practicing your speech. Some people even like to practice before a mirror. Being able to deliver your speech without reading it will sound better and make it much more enjoyable for the wedding guests.

We have a system to take you from start to finish in preparing to deliver a successful wedding speech or toast. However you are connected with the bride and groom we have the guided instructions to help you pull it off with aplomb. Lose no more shuteye over the prospect of being a total flop before two hundred plus friends, relatives and strangers; our tools will make sure it goes well for you..

You will Make A Great Wedding Speech

Bev Langford Author Feb 08, 2011

Thanks for the great tips on writing the perfect humorous wedding speech. I agree that a wedding speech should not go for longer than 5 minutes. When considering that there are a number of formal speeches from Father and Mother of the Bride, Best Man, Maid of Honor and of course the Bride and Groom themselves, it can easily take up too much time at the wedding reception.

There is also a growing trend that the Mother and Father of the Groom also choose to say a few words. That can be up to eight formal speeches taking up to 40 minutes (at 5 minutes each). Phew!! That's a long time, brief speeches are much better for the wedding guests rather than long, drawn out wedding speeches!

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