How To Gain Weight And Muscle With Less Risk And Effort

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The best method of putting on weight along with muscle is to do it naturally eating the right diet and by doing the necessary exercises.

The top safest and most natural way of increasing your weight happens to be just increasing your calorie intake. You have to make sure though that you eat the right types of food to achieve the best results.

You may already be aware that protein is greatly considered a necessity in the world of bodybuilding. Undoubtedly, protein plays a very vital role in building muscles. It is not only the building blocks of muscle fibers, but also the building blocks of life. However, some substances that considerably help in gaining weight and muscle have been often overlooked.

Carbohydrates are another important component to gaining not only weight but muscle. Carbohydrates fuel our bodies, you could compare them to the gasoline that fuels our cars. When the body is in the middle of intense workouts it depends on carbohydrates heavily for its main energy source. The are two main kinds of carbohydrates, which are complex and simple. The bodybuilders are smart to consume complex carbohydrates because these are more gradually absorbed by the body.

This makes them provide a long-lasting energy source. Among the better sources for you complex carbohydrates turn to legumes, rice, vegetables that are starchy, bread made of whole grains, and of course pasta. Prior to working out you should have a small portion of some complex carbohydrates. By doing this you will be provided enough energy to workout intensely enough to spur on muscle growth.

Many people don't understand that unsaturated fat also is important for building muscle and weight gain, this is the good fat. It is also a great energy source. It not only regulates the metabolism for the body but it also encourages the production of hormones. It is considered necessary for vitamin E, K, A, and D to absorb properly.

Great sources for unsaturated fat happen to be almonds, salmon, olive oil, avocados, walnuts, and canola oil. You can pig out on the complex carbohydrates and the protein, but eat the fat moderately is the secret. Eat only a small portion of fat each meal and then after you workout. Do not eat the saturated or bad fats at all because these wind up as fat in the body not muscle, which has no benefit.

You only get so far though with eating right. You also have to exercise to gain muscle and weight.

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