Fun Activities For Your Kids When It Rains

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Rainy days can be a real bummer, especially if you are a kid that wants to go play outside. Waking up and seeing that it is going to be a rainy day can be very depressing to little ones. Having some ideas for rainy day indoor activities can brighten the day.

1. A trip to the library can keep everyone busy. Have your kids pick out some books and they will be kept busy enjoying them when they get home.

2. Almost every kid likes to watch movies but choosing the right ones is important. Educational movies are very easily available and will be beneficial to the child and make mom feel good as well.

3. An idea box' is a good plan too. Have the children put activity ideas in the box and on rainy days they can choose a surprise activity to do. Just the thought of this will be fun for the kids.

4. A tea party can be fun on a rainy day too. You can dress up in poodle skirts and both moms and daughters can have a great afternoon of make believe'.

5. Playing board games can also lighten the boredom of a rainy day and be educational. There are many to choose from so everyone should be happy. Smaller kids like to do puzzles too and they will keep them busy for quite a while.

6. Another idea is to play ‘reverse writing'. This game is geared towards slightly older children. The object is to write a sentence backwards. After giving it a shot you bring the paper to a mirror and see how successful you were.

7. Baking cookies is always fun too. Kids love to help by grabbing the ingredients from the fridge and mixing the dough. The smell of the cookies baking will be amazing and eating them will be even better. Snuggling under a blanket and watching the rain while enjoying some cookies and milk will be an absolute treat.

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Sheila Author May 19, 2011

I second your tea party idea!

Rainy afternoons can be a challenge when the kids are bored and at that point even the boys will enjoy something like this and it gives Mom the opportunity to point out and reinforce lady-like and gentlemanly behavior.


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