Discovering Your Homemade Natural Remedy For Gout

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Finding a natural remedy for gout is all about doing the right things at home. The foods you eat and activities you engage in at home affect your health more than you expect. All you need to know is what things you need more of and those you need to avoid. Taking a natural remedy for gout in addition to your medication can significantly reduce symptoms.

Good foods:

One mineral that can help eliminate acid crystals from your body is potassium. You can find many good sources of potassium from:

– Bananas – Carrots – Potatoes – Spinach

Berries and cherries have helped relieve symptoms in 2-4 days for sufferers. A natural remedy for gout can be as simple as drinking concentrated black cherry juice in the mornings and having a bowl of blueberries after dinner.

Foods rich in alkaline since alkaline neutralizes acids. A good source of alkaline is grapes and baking soda. Add these to your diet as a natural remedy for gout.

Fiber since it absorbs bile acids in the liver and eliminates toxins from the body. Uric acids are developed from bile acids. So fiber is really good as a natural remedy for gout.

Drink water for at least 6-8 glasses of water everyday. This is probably the best natural remedy for gout. If you leave a small amount of acid solution outside, you will notice crystals forming when the liquid has evaporated. A similar event occurs when you are developing gout and do not have enough water in your system.

Bad foods:

You would want to avoid foods that are high in purines. Purines are widely known to be major instigators of gouty attacks. Here are high-purine meats and seafood:

– Bacon – Turkey – Meat organs – Trout – Sardines – Salmon – Mussels

Generally, vegetables are good for the body but if you want to prevent gout from recurring, there are still some you need to avoid:

– Beans – Lentils – Cauliflower – Yeast products

Here are some dairy products that you would want to avoid, too as they contain high levels of lactic acid and can aggravate gout:

– Rich desserts – Creamy products

Also, here are some beverages that accelerate the production of uric acid in the body and impair liver function. These should therefore be avoided:

– Alcohol – Coffee

These foods are not to suggest a low-calorie diet. In fact, when trying to prevent gout, you should avoid excessive dieting. Try a slower-paced diet plan that incorporates moderate exercise and balanced nutrition. This will reduce serum levels of uric acid in the blood.

Now let's talk about what activities you can do at home to relieve gouty symptoms. Here are some findings and suggestions that are considered a natural remedy for gout:

– Acupressure – improves blood circulation and prevents bodily aches. – Sexual activity – has been discovered to lessen uric acid levels in men. – Elevation – of the affect area relieves pain. – Stress-reducing exercises – like yoga can prevent gout, since stress is associated with its symptoms.

These are only suggestions to finding a natural remedy for gout and should not be taken as medical advice.

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I have been drinking cherry juice for my gout for the past year or so. My doctor is the one who receommended it to me. It has significally lowered my uric acid in my body.

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