Buy The GoWear Fit To Provide Motivation To Exercise More Often

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The GoWear Fit does the same things as the BodyBugg (which has become well known because of it's use on The Biggest Loser) except it's a lot less expensive. Both of these devices keep track of how many calories you burn. This can give you motivation to exercise more often so that you lose weight faster.

One example of how it works is if you are using the Insanity Workout Program every morning at 9AM (except Sunday) you will see a huge uptick in calories being burned on the graph when you plug the GoWear Fit into the USB. It's interesting to look at this graph and see what types of activity make a big spike on the calories burned charts.

And as you probably know already, the most important factor for losing weight is to use more calories than you eat. The GoWear Fit Calorie Management System gives you the information you need to make sure you are doing just that.

Not only does the GoWear Fit keep track of how many calories you burn, the GoWear Fit software also lets you keep track of the amount of calories you are eating and drinking. You are guaranteed to lose weight if you keep up with doing this. It would be impossible for anyone not to be successful when doing this consistently.

I believe it to be obvious that motivation is a necessary ingredient for weight loss. We all know what we must do to achieve weight loss. We must eat right and we must workout often. It's not really much of a mysterious thing when you really get down to the most important factors. Its the motivation to stick with doing what we know we must do that is the real “secret ingredient” to weight loss.

I believe any kind of diet (whether it be The Day Off Diet, South Beach, Weight Watchers, or any other diet that doesn't require starvation) can be effective in helping you lose weight quickly. The real key is sticking to both your dieting plan and to exercising regularly.

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FitRosie Author Jun 29, 2010

I wonder if the software works on a Mac?

I just got a heart rate monitor so I can see how many calories I burn & when I'm exercising in a safe but effective zone.
Having a new toy like this is motivating.

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