More Ideas of a Low Cost Wedding

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Do you would like to know, where to save costs for your big wedding day?

If your wallet is full of emptiness it might be a good idea to follow my ideas to save money on your wedding day.

Here are more tips how to arrange an inexpensive wedding party:

6. What music to play?

Ask your friends, how to get a cheap music band, entertainer or sound system. May be you or someone else of your friends and family know, where to hire a semi professional school band for example.

As an alternative a friend of you will supply a sound system and play CD's on your wedding day. Playing CD's are great and you can select your wedding songs some days before the wedding is going on.

7.Who take pictures?

Of course you can hire a professional photographer, but this can be very expensive. Alternative you have a friend or a family member who loves to be a photographer.

Another idea: If have or can organize some good digital cameras, spread them on the tables, where your family and friends are. Let your guests take the photos.

After the wedding, do not forget to collect all cameras. Later you can choice, which attractive and very good photos you want to add to your wedding album.

8.Where to get important wedding rings for a reasonable price?

Because you are looking for cheap wedding rings, it doesn't mean that you will not get a good quality and nice style. There are many rings available to suit any budget.

It's not the kind of metal that it is important – it's what the wedding ring symbolizes. Rings made of titanium, zirconium or palladium, are ultra light. You will find a big selection of different designs, another solution for your savings.

Stick to your budget when shopping around. Ask the supplier to offer rings only, when the price is matching your budget. Later on you can upgrade the rings, when money is not anymore your issue.

First Step: Shop around and search the net for wedding rings. Compare the different rings in style, material and prices. If you found a set of rings which you really like, do not forget to negotiate the price.

9.Where to get the decoration?

At first get your inspiration for your unique wedding decoration from the internet or any wedding company.

Here you can start to compare prices and see what decoration is available. When you sorted it out, what kind of decoration you want, here are some options for savings:

Of course you can buy or hire the decoration at the wedding supplier, but I don't believe, that this is cheapest opportunity. If you do so, do not forget to ask for discount.

The better saving is, when you make the decoration by yourself. But very often it happens that the couple does not have the time to do it.

If you can not get help from a relative or friend for preparing the decoration, may be you will find help from a art school.

Tell them what you would like to have and you might pay only for the material.

Of course, you can agree or resist to my suggestions, because you like them or you don't. But in any case it will be good for your wedding budget to follow up with those ideas.

If you like my ideas of an inexpensive wedding search for Part 1 in the internet.

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Thank you for sharing! Definitely some great ideas to think about.

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