Tropical Wedding Beach Decorations

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The average American wedding costs about $20,000, and wedding decorations typically are about 8% of the total, or $1,600. If you'd like to get married on a romantic beach and you're a good planner, wedding beach decorations can cost much less. Keep reading and you'll learn how.

Finding decorations for your beach ceremony is a no-brainer, right? Maybe if you're a creative genius. For the rest of us things can be a bit more complicated.

Follow these simple tips for creating chic, hassle-free beach decorations for your wedding.


You won't need flooring for a casual, barefoot beach wedding. On the other hand, if you want a more formal ceremony, you'll need flooring. It will prevent a host of problems like shoes filled with sand, soiled, wet or torn clothing, and guests having difficulty walking through the sand. You'll also want flooring if you plan to provide chairs for your wedding guests, especially any that may be elderly or infirm. Chairs can easily sink into the sand or tip over if there's no flooring.

Rental companies frequently offer flooring. Including set up, the typical cost is $3.50 – $4.00 per square foot.


There are as many styles of arches as are there are beach brides. You can easily rent a wedding arch but it's often cheaper to build your own. Just go to a hobby shop or building supply store and pick up a metal or wood arch. That's all you need to start with. Then decorate it to taste.

These two sophisticated types of arches are perfect as wedding beach decorations:

Tropical Arch: Start with your metal or wood arch and wrap palm or banana leaves around it. Add a big dash of color with tropical flowers like antherium, birds-of-paradise or heliconia. Hang a large seashell, starfish or other beach item from the peak and you're done.

Chuppah: A chuppah consists of a cloth or sheet, supported by four poles to create a canopy that covers the couple and person officiating the wedding. Beach decorations that incorporate a chuppah have an additional splendor and intimacy. The chuppah symbolizes the home the couple will build together. It also provides welcome shade for the bride and groom during the celebration. For added lavishness, use shorter poles and ask four members of your wedding party to support the canopy by each holding one pole during the ceremony.

Accessories for the Beach Ceremony

These five ideas can help you complete your wedding beach decorations without over-spending:

1. Use local flowers to line the aisle. If there are chairs on both sides, hang flowers from the chair backs or arms. If you don't have chairs, make an aisle by putting palm fronds or banana leaves on the sand. Then add color by placing orchids or local flowers on top of the leaves.

2. Beautify your decorations by adding some torches. Tiki torches perfectly coordinate wedding beach decorations. Two rows of torches can create a natural aisle if you place them four feet apart. If you already have an aisle, then place the torches at random and light them to provide a tropical aura. The effect is even better if you have a twilight ceremony.

3. Ribbons can be another ideal accessory to enhance wedding beach decorations. They will really set off your ceremony as they wave in the breeze. Pastel colors such as pink, blue and coral work well. Make sure you secure them firmly so they won't blow away.

4. Harmonize with the beach vibe by scattering starfish, shells, coconuts and palm fronds abundantly. Just be careful not to place any sharp items where guests may accidentally hurt themselves by stepping on them.

5. Items with a boating theme, such as anchors, oars and fishing nets, can also unify your beach wedding decorations. Borrow them from friends or people living along your wedding beach.

More Secrets for Keeping Your Decorating Budget in Check

Instead of buying expensive items like flooring, tables, chairs and other large items, it makes sense to rent them. If you want to buy them anyway, buy what's on sale at warehouse clubs and hobby shops. Skip items that aren't on sale.

Borrow smaller decorations from friends or family members instead of buying them. One of them probably will have an arch, extra ribbon or sea shells they would be pleased for you to use as part of your wedding beach decorations. Make a list of what you need, then ask around.

Make your own decorations or at least some of them. Bows, ribbons, signs and similar items are easy to make and subtract from your decorating cost.

Use locally grown flowers whenever possible. They're usually cheaper than flowers grown elsewhere. Another consideration is the limited shelf life that flowers have. If flowers aren't sold quickly, within just a few days, they have to be thrown out. Ask local florists for special deals on flowers that need to be sold quickly.

Finally, keep your wedding beach decorations simple. When your wedding is on a beach, your true decorations are the surroundings. Just add a few tasteful elements and you're done.

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