Anti Aging Products Can Cause Cancer.

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Ageing is something no one can avoid and so there are huge numbers of people looking for a solution to looking older. The market is does huge for sales of anti aging products. Ageing people, in most cases, don't realize that so many of the anti aging products available today contain ingredients which may be dangerous, and fragrances are a fine example.

Estimates are that there are some around 4000 different fragrances used in so many of the personal products that we use today including anti aging skin products. After all everyone wants to smell nice and it's well known that adding a fragrance to a personal product helps it sell. So what's the problem with smelling nice when you're applying the latest anti aging skin care product?

The problem is that most fragrances are chemicals produced in the laboratory. There's nothing inherently wrong with chemicals produced in the laboratory as long as they are safe for us to use however the reality is that studies have shown that many fragrances have potentially damaging health effects which might scare you if you were aware of them.

That's not to say that all fragrances are risky, for example there are some excellent essential oils that make nice fragrances and which are safe to use. However these are usually much more expensive than the chemical alternatives and so the chemical alternatives go into those skin care products that you will see on the shelves of your store.

You can search the Cosmetic Safety Database and if you do a search on fragrance you will see many examples of fragrances which are linked to cancer, disruption of the endocrine system, immunotoxicity and neurotoxicity, irritation to the lungs and the skin and the eyes, and much more.

If you just bought that latest anti aging moisturizer and you apply it then you apply it over a relatively large area of your skin and your skin will absorb it just like you ate it.

It's true that the same will apply to perfect but at least you only apply a perfume to a very small area.

All this may be a shock for you. It's a sad fact that so many personal, beauty and anti aging skin care products that so many of us use every single day contain chemical ingredients that may well be dangerous to your health and which you are not warned about.It's not just fragrances, there's many more examples.

There is an opportunity here and some small niche companies have taken advantage of it. One now uses no fragrances at all for this exact reason and commits to making products that are safe enough to eat.

The market for anti aging skin care products is worth billions of dollars and it's a case of buyer beware. Though there may be studies showing the risks to so many ingredients in anti aging products the skin care companies are unlikely to warn you about them.

I write a website to educate about the risks of ingredients in modern personal products including anti aging skin care products and attempt to point people towards safe and effective alternative products.

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I couldn't have said it better myself!

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