Why Adult Bedwetting Is More Serious Than You Think

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Adults who regularly have bed wetting incidents during sleep are often suffering from some sort of underlying medical malady which could probably get worse if not treated properly. If you're a man or a woman suffering from bedwetting issues then you may want to see your doctor sooner rather than later. Adult nocturnal enuresis affects between 1-2% of the entire population and it is not a medical condition to be taken lightly.

Some reasons for adult bed wetting are more serious such as some sort of internal injury or even bladder cancer. There are many possible causes and treatments for this condition, ranging from biological to psychological conditions. Other causes for adult nocturnal enuresis are more often seen than others, including having a urinary tract infection or stress.

Diabetes changes the way in which your body wants to take in liquid and that increase in liquid consumption clearly comes with the need to elimate more liquid more. One possible cause of random adult bed wetting is complications from diabetes. There are many subtle symptoms of diabetes, but having bed wetting incidents in adulthood is one of them.

For men who wet the bed during sleep, they may want to first rule out prostate problems. The prostate gland in men may sometimes grow larger and begin to push up against the bladder. Men are almost twice as likely to have issues with adult bedwetting as women. Additionally, excessive urination may lead to a loss of minerals in the body which can cause night time calf spasms.

Many of the reasons for bed wetting in adults are serious and can grow worse as times goes on. A trip to the family doctor is a good first step in getting your adult nocturnal enuresis issues addressed. These are just some of many different reasons for bed wetting issues in adults.

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This is a serious problem if present in adults an can be caused by a lot
of different causes like by an enlarged prostate.
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