How Obesity Can Kill You

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An obese person faces more health risks than a person of average size. Being overweight comes with annoying enough issues like difficulty finding clothes that fit and sometimes difficulty fitting into seats in places like airplanes and theaters. But more importantly, an obese person also is at much higher risk of life-threatening diseases like heart attack and stroke.

An obese person is generally someone more than 40 to 75 pounds overweight. A person is considered morbidly obese if they weigh 100 pounds or more than what they should. Both conditions come with higher health risks.

Obese people haul much more weight than the human body should carry, putting extra pressure on joints, bones and muscles. Being 50 pounds overweight is like carrying a 50-pound sack the entire day. That's a lot of burden for any human frame.

Because bones are strong and rugged, the extra weight takes its toll on the weakest part of your frame: the joints. Joints like hips, ankles and knees are at particular risk, because the weight of the entire upper body falls upon them.

Our separated bone pieces are held together by these joints – making them vulnerable to undue stress and impact. The knees are especially vulnerable for the obese as each step you take, every moment of standing is extra wear and tear.

Just think that each step can put twice, triple, sometimes four times the normal pressure on those joints. This causes the joints to wear out earlier than usual. This is why pain and abnormal knee conditions often accompany obesity.

Hips joints and ankles are also at risk, But usually pain and injuries among the obese start manifesting on the knees. Not surprising, since the knees carry a big part of our body weight throughout our walking and standing.

The body's organs and system are also affected by what constitutes as obesity. Fat can crowd the insides of our bodies.

Large amounts of body fat can actually crowd internal organs and put pressure against them. This pressure can cause the organs to start working differently, and can interfere with normal bodily functions.

All the extra poundage makes it harder for organs to operate and makes the body work harder. This is why obesity often leads to high blood pressure and a strained heart. Heart disease, heart attacks and strokes could develop.

Also, the extra weight generally means that the persons diet is poor and too high in calories. This is a major cause of diabetes, which can damage blood vessels, eyes and nerves.

Some have even lost their eyesight or a foot or other appendage due to diabetes and poor circulation. Definitely something to think about!

There is hope for the obese. But you must get started right away with a weight loss plan involving both diet and exercise.

You will really need to get started on eating right and get moving on an exercise program. It's been done. You can overcome obesity too!

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Audrey Author May 01, 2010

Obesity can also kill your dog! As a veterinarian, I'm extremely concerned about the increase in obesity in our dogs. They suffer from the same health concerns as overweight people. Please take care to avoid weight gain in your dogs, or, if they're already a bit generous around the middle, do put them on a diet. It's hard to get the weight off, but the health benefits are worth it. Lean dogs live on average two years longer than overweight dogs.

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