Uncover The Benefits Of A 3 Tier Wedding Cake Stand

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A 3 tier wedding cake stand brings an air of elegance to the simplest variety of wedding cake.

3 tiers is among the most popular number for wedding cakes, as an odd amount of tiers creates visual interest, and allows the cake itself to demand attention. While you'll be able to display your cake with no stand, having a 3 tiered wedding cake stand is an easy solution to boost the aesthetic value of your wedding cake, and create an aura of beauty, theatre, elegance or whatever feel you are targeting. Additionally, it allows you to more easily add adornments, for example bouquets or ribbons, to your cake.

Typical 3 Tier Wedding Cake Stand

Normally, a 3 tier wedding cake stand is made up of three cake plates that are supported by pillars. Although most people produce different sized layers, with the biggest tier on the bottom and the tiniest layer at the very top, you could have each layer of cake the same size when you're using a stand if you like. An interesting option with stands is you can position your lower layer on the bottom stand, or have it supported by pillars. This leaves you a good amount of space below your cake to make a pretty display with your 3 tier wedding cake stand.

Styles Of a 3 Tier Wedding Cake Stand

There are various styles, but these are the most desired:

Floating Cake Stand

A floating 3 tier wedding cake stand is turning up at more and more modern-styled weddings. Instead of pillars, the stand provides its support structure at the back, while using cake plates extending out from it. This makes your cake layers seem to float' in mid-air. It's an awesome look for simple cakes!

Tower Cake Stand 3 Tier Wedding Cake Stand

A tower 3 tier wedding cake stand includes one column within the center to support the cake plates, and is suited to any type of cake. This style can make it super easy to add flowers or other decorations to and around your wedding cake. For a modern touch, use a tower stand to show wedding cupcakes rather than a wedding cake ” this has turned into a quite popular preference among women for today's marriages.

Cascading Cake Stand

If your wedding is more on the formal side, then you might want to take a look at a cascading 3 tier wedding cake stand. The wedding cake plates might be arranged just like a spiral staircase, straight up, or any way that suits you. This offers you unlimited options as to how you would like your wedding cake displayed, and what you will like surrounding your cake along the lines of candles, flowers, table-top water features, and so forth.

Whatever the wedding funds, you'll find a 3 tier wedding cake stand to fit. Whatever type you choose, make certain that your cake table will have enough room, and it is durable enough to support it. Take pleasure in your 3 tier wedding cake stand, You deserve it! See http://3tierweddingcakestand.org/ for a lot more info.

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Went to a wedding on saturday and they have a fantastic 3 tier cake. Fruit, chocolate and sponge tiers. Very nice, excellent icing too.

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