Non-Medicinal Remedies For Stress And Anxiety

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A surfeit of stress can result in all sorts of problems both mental and physical. The mental problems that can arise from stress include anxiety attacks, although there can be other reasons for anxiety attacks as well. Furthermore, it appears that the tendency of anxiety attacks is on the up. This is perhaps because of the increased levels of stress that everyone experiences.

You just cannot escape tales of misery and conflict in the newspapers and on the TV. It seems that news casters take pleasure in in telling us how much trouble we are in from all sorts of things from terrorists to diabetes.

They also never tire of warning us of the risks from paedophiles, rapists and murderers. It is no surprise that everybody is stressed or that some people have turned this stress into anxiety and anxiety attacks or panic attacks.

These attacks are characterized by a sudden sensation of panic for no reason at all or unwarranted anxiety. These anxiety attacks are very upsetting for those who suffer from them regularly.

There are lots of prescription drugs available, but these days many people try to do without drugs, preferring more natural remedies. One detail that many sufferers comment on, is that they feel much worse if they have a hangover.

Not that they have anxiety attacks while they are drinking, but that they get an increased number the following day, if they have a hangover. It follows then, that you may be able to reduce the frequency and the severity of your panic attacks, if you do not drink too much.

In this vein, sufferers have also noticed that they get more frequent and more severe attacks of anxiety if they are tired or worn out. Getting a good night's sleep will clearly help, if this is one of the causes of your panic or anxiety attacks.

On the dietary front, vitamin B12 has been pointed to as having a beneficial effect on sufferers. The vitamin B group help the brain to create serotonin, which is the body's happy drug. A lack of serotonin can create depression. Therefore, ensure that you get your daily recommended amount (RDA) of vitamins in the B group, especially vitamin B12. B12 is readily available in natural foods, it is even in cornflakes, just make sure that you are getting sufficient.

Many people have had great amounts of success by limiting their use of sweeteners too. This includes normal sugar, as well as artificial sweeteners like saccharin. In order to achieve the biggest benefit you should try to monitor your mental response to sweeteners. Some may be perfectly OK for you while others may not.

Caffeine has also been linked with anxiety, so it would be worth attempting to do without ordinary tea, coffee and coke, to see if that makes a difference. You could try decaf, if you miss the taste of coffee or herbal teas.

Another suggested home remedy that has given great benefits is physical activity. If you feel an attack coming on, try to ‘take your mind off it' by distracting yourself. A simple walk might be enough or a conversation with someone.

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Massage is a good way to get stress free from both mental and physical. It helps you to avoid medicines to recover from any stress.

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