Home Schooling and Young Children

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In the last decade, home schooling has become very popular especially with middle and upper-middle class families. There have been lots of arguments over the years about home schooling, but pedagogues claim that there are pros and cons in home schooling but it seems that the former outweigh the latter and therefore, a lot of families are now choosing home schooling over normal schools.

Cultures vary and somehow the relations within the family are affected too. In some cultures, family ties are quite strong, but there are also those who don't have very good relationships with other family members. However, through home schooling, family ties and relationships can be enhanced. Parents will spend more time with their children because of the home schooling program and the children will have to listen to their parents too. Communication is much improved and both parties will learn about the importance of speaking and listening.

Many families prefer home schooling because of its diversity. Since the cost of home education is a bit more than traditional schools, the financial situation of the household is very important. However, without thinking about the financial factor, many parents will still opt for home schooling, because it can ensure their children's safety. Public schools often have dangerous environments that can affect children terribly, but if they are in a home schooling program, they can stay away from these predicaments and their parents will be there to supervise them.

Instead of placing the children at a public school, many parents prefer home schooling because the learning environment in the public schools is not that conducive. In public schools, very young pupils can experience difficulties that can affect them socially, mentally, and academically for a long time. Pedagogues that have conducted studies, claim that children learn better in a good environment surrounded by loved ones. A further advantage of home schooling is that children can learn according to their ability. You can't just give a new lesson, if the previous one hasn't been learned yet. It may take longer, but the results are better.

As mentioned previously, home schooling is a bit more costly. If you think that you might be able to cut down the educational expenses of your child, you're wrong. Home schooling expenses are just about the same as those of traditional schools. However, if you participate in the forums of the parents of home-schoolers, you will discover that there are ways to reduce costs. Of course, you will have to spend on the resource materials, computer, and internet, but you can also use outside resources like cultural events, public libraries and many others.

You will be given even more cost-saving ideas, if you get in touch with other parents. The Internet provides numerable possibilities and with a bit of research, you can surely come up with ways to reduce the costs. If you don't want to pay for tutors, then you will have to learn the lessons as well, however, you have already studied the various subjects in your kids' educational program, so you only need to review them. You can get further learning material online or the bookshop and later on, educate your children.

Therefore, it is plain to see, that home schooling is by far the best option, especially if your child is still rather young. It all depends on you and your child, whether they continue this form of education until they graduate for college.

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Lilian Author May 30, 2011

I haven't tried home schooling before. It is because I tried the usual school from nursery to college. But I think home schooling is pretty cool especially it creates a strong bond of parents and their kids. I was thinking home schooling could affect the development of social skills but this will prevent the kids from being teased or bullied by other kids.

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