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I lately purchased this bicycle after detailed researching. I'm short & I liked the idea of purchasing a small frame bike that did not appear like a children's bicycle. The seat is amazingly comfortable and I liked the ease in which the bicycle pedaled. I'm now familiar with the bicycle & gear mechanisms. I'm looking forward to riding longer distances as I build up my force over again.

I looked around in the stores and I was ready to get one but then decided to check Amazon and this bike showed up.It's a great bike for an after-work ride or weekend exercise. It's durable and well-made, but its best feature is the smooth ride it provides. This bike is a lot of fun! Riding is effortless

I am really happy with this bicycle. The seat is very comfy, it rides very smooth. The bicycle has springy seat, 7 gear mechanisms that switch with a flick of the wrist in handlebars, 2 hand brakes. The bike is so wonderful. We have a lot of hills and even worse inclines in our nicely side walked neighborhood, but this bicycle does not even have to go to 1st. I can hold it in 2nd and still make the hills with no problem. Price is wonderful!

I like it. It was very easy to get together. In fact the back wheel, gear mechanisms and chain were already on. I only had to put the handlebar, seat and front wheel on. Also had to hook up the front brake but that wasn't a trouble at all. The seat is very comfy.

The Serene Citi is a really good constructed bike. Comfortable seat, smooth gearing and the handlebars allow you to ride upright with no lower back strain. I was able to go much further the first time out than I made with my old bicycle. Bicycle has a really comfy ride. The quality is really nice! I would highly recommend this bike.

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I was looking for information on this bike as well. Thanks for posting such great advice. I too am an active person looking for a good exercise bike.

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