The American Brands Are Best In A Healthy Kitchen

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This is a very bold statement to be made when you look at some of the aspects involved in American manufacturing. If you look at their automotive industry the cars that they now produce aren't world class today. However, in the kitchen for those who lead a raw food lifestyle or those who care about health and nutrition then buying American made kitchen equipment is vital.

Unlike many people raw foodists and health enthusiasts expect quite a lot from the appliances and gadgets they use in their kitchens. For example many will use a juicer as a kettle and as for blenders not only will they be used nearly every day they will also need to be able to complete some very demanding tasks.

Whilst a food dryer or dehydrator is often used more than the oven in the kitchen is, it preserves nutrients using low temperatures so providing the person with a wide array of nutritious things to eat. For anyone who is considering purchasing some equipment in order to make these kinds of changes in their lifestyle then there are a number of things that need to be considered when selecting the appropriate kitchen equipment.

When it comes to buying new pieces of kitchen equipment, value for money is important. Although you will be expected to pay considerably more for an American manufactured blender, juicer or dehydrator, the long term returns that these items provides makes economical sense, especially in the demanding environment of a healthy kitchen. We all want our equipment to last, but we also want equipment that can deal with demanding tasks and certainly health focused American equipment for the kitchen can do this.

Don't expect the juicer you have at home currently to be able to grind nuts into butter or to produce a sorbet from frozen fruit in an instant. But if you were to purchase the Californian Champion Juicer then it would have no problems getting these tasks completed for you. However, these machines don't come cheap, but when you take into consideration what it is capable of and that this machine is bomb-proof and likely to last a lifetime the price you pay is very reasonable indeed.

Don't expect the blender you got in your local electrical store to be able to create flour from dried chick peas in less than 1/2 minute or to create a vegetable or raw fibrous greens smooth soup, because they can't. These machines don't have the capability and within a few weeks of using one in such a fashion it will begin to fail. This however is not what will happen with the American VitaMix or Blendtec blenders.

If like other raw fooders you fail to understand the importance of good strong equipment then you will find you've wasted money on a normal domestic blender instead of the American blenders we mention that really do offer value for money over the long term. When it comes to versatility and variety then a food dehydrator is worth considering to create some great dried recipes and snacks. There are various kinds available but the Excalibur Dehydrator manufactured in California is the best of the lot and has a much larger area for holding a wide array of foods.

When it comes to juicers there is one that stands out from the rest in this area and that is the Champion Juicer. This comes with the statement as part of its branding that it is “the world's finest juicer” and is something that many would agree with. I myself have had Champion Juicer for more than 20 years and when I replaced it recently with the new black version I gave the original one to my son. Although it may not look quite as good as it did when it first came out of the box it still works as good as if it were new.

What other juicers are there available that you can say have been used regularly for over 20 years and still work like it had just come out of its packaging. Plus it hasn't just been used as a juicer. Regularly frozen raspberries and bananas have been rammed through it to create not just a delicious but healthy fruit ice cream. In the last 50 years more than a million of these juicers have been sold the world over. More would have been sold if the company had remembered to use the “built in obsolescence” that other brand managers will include with their products today. The Champion Juicer is available in the UK today in a choice of four colours and can be purchased through UK Juicers Ltd (www.ukjuicers.com).

Another blender that is worth considering is the Blendtec Total which first made an appearance in the UK on the “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross” show. During a demonstration of the machines capabilities a mobile phone was placed inside and blended without any problems. But it isn't just shows like these that prove how powerful this blender is the manufacturers of it also have videos on their website showing its capabilities and it is seen blending items such as lava lamps and baseballs. Of course one may feel that these are overstating how effective this blender is but it provides the buyer with assurances that it won't be bothered by the kinds of tasks that raw fooders will want theirs to complete, compared the domestic blenders that we can readily purchase.

Dehydration allows a range of health foods to be created such as vegetable chips, fruits, fruit leathers, energy bars, crackers and complete meals for the outdoor enthusiast using gentle heat. Not only does this help to preserve large amounts of the foods nutritional value but also the foods can be stored for much longer. Those who already have dehydrators know that the best ones are those that use horizontal air flow to dry the food in the same way that a fan oven works. The problem with the stacking types is that they dry the food inside less evenly and you will need to move the trays up and during to ensure that everything is dried evenly during the drying process.

For more than 30 years now the Excalibur Dehydrator has been made in Sacramento, California and has earned a reputation of being very reliable. The best dehydrator originates from a part of the US where there is plenty of seasonal produce available and where many households still like to use traditional methods for preparing and storing foods. Today UK Juicers now import the complete range of Excalibur Dehydrators along with the other kinds of American machines mentioned in this article for UK health enthusiasts.

It may seem odd to you that a Brit is being so unpatriotic and recommending that you look abroad for getting reliable kitchen appliances for your healthy lifestyle. But if you are after equipment that offers value for money and performs well then the American brands mentioned are the ones worth choosing as they will deliver what you want.

As one can see there are a number of American brands which are easily some of the finest on the internet, one in particular is the selection of champion juicers which are available from a few suppliers in the UK such as UK Juicers.

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