How I Planned For My Groom Wedding Speech

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I always knew that when my fianc and I decided to get married I would have to write a groom wedding speech, but I never knew how important that speech was going to be! The truth is that I left it for weeks and weeks before I even realised that I was going to have to get down to it and actually write the thing.

My advice about that? Dont make the same mistake I did. Plan ahead if you can!

It can be very difficult when you begin to consider what you are going to write in your groom speech. It's nerve-wracking enough to stand in front of a group of people and say your vows, but to stand in front of them once more to give your speech can put you over the edge.

As the date got closer and closer I tried to think of an inspirational, yet charming and hilarious grooms wedding speech and it just wasnt coming to me. So what I eventually decided to do was to sit down and just write some of the thoughts that popped into my head.

There are many different and better ways to come up with a groom wedding speech, but this was a wonderful was to get my ideas on paper.

At first it was difficult, but when I started using speech prompts and guides I soon started to jot down little bits of information about me and my bride. Where we met, how long weve been together, some of our most memorable moments ” things like that. It really helped me to put into words the story of our relationship and what weve been through to get where we are now.

At this stage I think its best not to worry about the order or the content of what youre writing (or any wedding speech jokes!) The biggest block to getting the perfect wedding speech is never actually starting to write it! So by jotting down my thoughts I was already over the first major hurdle for my groom wedding speech.

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I have never been a best man before, so I am a bit nervous about my duties. I especially am worried about my best man speech. I wish I could pass it off to someone else, but that isn't going to happen. I have to come up with something that will get a few laughs and not sound too stupid. I am hoping I can remember a good story about the groom that I can use as a basis for the speech. I really am not that good of a writer though, so I could use some help coming up with the speech.

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yes writing the wedding speeches is very nerve wrecking.

I recently got married and we was planning on writtin the groom and bride wedding speeches together but we decided that it would be a nice suprise on the big day.

Not being corney but it was the best day of my life ??

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Writing wedding speeches is one thing, but! to have a speech that can reflect a special moment
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what is important you on the ?Greatest day? of your life?.

Thanks happy days!!

Groom Wedding Speech

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When it comes to pleasing people when giving speeches in a wedding, and forgetting to thank someone is one thing ? but saying the wrong thing altogether in groom toasts could be a complete disaster! You need to find a good wedding toasts and prepare for the best groom wedding speech that will be remembered for many years to come.


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Believe me, if you want to prepare a good speech is not that easy. For sure if you don't have experiance in publick speaking. For some its still is much more easier to do than others.

I would recommend you to get some help if you want to give a nice speech (http://www.weddingspeechworld.com)
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