The Health Benefits Of A Home Lap Pool

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Most people already know that swimming is a great way to exercise. And I'm pretty sure that most people would agree that it's also fun. So why don't more people do it? Well for starters, not everyone has the finances or the space to put a pool in their back yard. However with a lap pool, both space and money become less of an issue.

Lap pools can be either short, about 5 or 6 feet where you swim against massaging jets of water, or full length. And no matter which one you want, you'll get a workout that is almost perfect every time you use it.

We'll start with the cardiovascular benefits. Just like running on a treadmill, track or on the street, swimming will increase your heart rate. This will naturally burn off calories and increase your endurance and overall heart health.

But swimming is better than running because it greatly reduces your chance of getting hurt. It's low impact, so there's no constant pounding on your joints. That means no aching feet, knees or back. You get all the fitness benefits without all the aches and pains.

But there's an additional benefit to swimming. The water provides resistance, and that means an increase in your strength and muscle definition. It's similar in some ways to resistance training by lifting weights. That's why so many Olympic level athletes now make swimming a part of their daily workout. The good news is that you don't have to be an Olympian to get identical fitness benefits.

I won't kid you into thinking that a lap pool is inexpensive, but it certainly will cost less than putting a huge traditional pool in your back yard. It will also take up less room. And if you go with one of the small models where you swim against a stream of jets, you can probably find room in your home. An indoor pool means you won't have to worry if it's cold or raining, you can still get your exercise every day.

A full length in ground pool lap pool in your back yard however also has the advantage of giving you a place to entertain. An above ground model won't be as attractive, but it does give you portability. If you decide to move to another location, you can always take it with you. Plus the size of a lap pool means they are easier to clean and maintain, and as less expensive to run than a traditional pool.

If you're looking for a piece of exercise equipment, doesn't it make sense to get one that does everything? Your exercise should give you a good cardiovascular workout to burn calories, but with minimal chance of injury because it is low impact. Your exercise should also provide some resistance to build strength and muscle definition. Swimming will do all of that. Throw in the fact that a lap pool will fit almost anywhere, is easy to maintain, looks great and won't throw you into the poor house, and there's really nothing else you could ask for. Except maybe for your exercise to be fun, and you'll have a hard time finding someone to tell you they don't like to swim.

To find out more about the incredible health benefits of a lap pool visit LapPoolInformation.com. You'll also get facts on the different types of pools available, including the in ground and above ground lap pool.

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Above Ground Pools Direct Author Nov 11, 2009

Hey Ned, great article.

The only problem with lap pools is that they are expensive! People should know that the economical choice is to get an above-ground pool of good material. This website has lots of different lap pools as well as ?never ending? pools with jets that create a current. They also have a jet system that you can attach to a pool seperately.



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