Timex vs. Polar Heart Monitor Review

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Are you a competitive person or someone just beginning in the sport of basketball, and running or weight lifting? Are you an elite player that may be worried about the abuse your body is getting under the pressures of training? It does not matter what activity you participate in, you must make sure that you maintain a healthy heart. Two top brands in this field are Polar and Timex. Their Polar FT80 and Timex T5G971 monitors are two of the most sought after heart rate watches. Here is a review on both of them.

Features of the Timex Heart Rate Monitor

The Timex T5G971 heart rate monitor is a perfect heart rate monitor for guys and girls who go to the gym a lot. It looks nice and works well. When you buy the Timex heart rate monitor it will give you a chest strap that indicates your ideal target heart rate zones and the time spent in that zone. It will remember your times and when your heart rate goes up. That's not all, it will also show you the time of day and the date. It can go under water till thirty feet and will run for two years on a single battery. It is so easy to operate and even at night time you can use it as it comes with a light so you can see in dark if you want to take an evening stroll.

Features of the Polar Watch

The Polar Watch FT80 on the other hand is a really stylish heart monitor. This Polar heart rate monitor is laced with some of the newest heart rate technology around. It is able to provide you with your conditioning daily, set up exercise goals and targets that are based on your age, weight and fitness level and a host of other things. It also lets you set daily and weekly calorie goals. This Polar watch is almost like having a personal trainer on hand. One of the biggest features is that it will show you your heart rate in beats per minute and maximum heart rate with target zones. The FT80 Polar watch also comes with features such as Polar ZonePointer and OwnCal and is water resistant to a depth of 30 feet. A 2 year warranty also accompanies this monitor.

Positives and Negatives

No better companion than a Polar FT80 can a die-hard athlete find. No wonder, it carries a premium price tag because its advanced hi-tech attributes and techniques shall dwarf even the Timex T5G971. Because of its impeccable functions, Polar is in heavy demand, even in the face of stiff and emerging competition.

Top Notch Reviews

For all your training needs, either one of these heart rate watches will suit you. Check out the T5G971 Timex Heart Rate monitor today if you are looking to start off with workouts or the FT80 Polar Watch is you are really serious about your training.

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I think this is not a real review. It's just a Polar ad. That's why it has such lousy information.

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This is a lack luster review. Reviews should tell you something about a product.
Very sad.

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In Poland these watches are very popular.

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