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Do you know what your heart rate is after an especially strenuous workout session? Do you want to train using professional equipment? The Garmin 305 Forerunner GPS monitor is what you need! It will help take your workout routine to the next level for better health. This is one of the more superior products currently on the market. Up to now, it has stood its ground when faced against competitors like the Polar F11 and Suunto T3C products. The following is a brief description of the Garmin 305 GPS.

Forerunner 305 Garmin

A variety of cutting edge features are incorporated into this Garmin heart rate monitor which adds another dimension to your exercise routine. It is fitted with a superbly accurate and durable GPS system to be situated on the wrist. There is nothing that compares to the Garmin 305 in the marketplace as the GPS feature provides correct readouts even when you are situated around buildings and woodland areas due to its large face and upward antenna which rids the errors which various other systems encountered when sitting on a wrist.

The Forerunner 305 also comes with software program that allows the user to upload all of their training data to their computer for further analysis. With this feature, the user is able to map out strategies and see where improvements can be made to really get the most of their training sessions. The Training Assistant is another really good feature that is on this Forerunner GPS monitor. What it does is give the user precise training data such as distance, speed and pace. One of the best things about the Forerunner 305 is its' ability to supply accurate workout data for a wide range of sports such as running, cross country skiing, cycling and even windsurfing.

Innovative Features and Functions

The Garmin Forerunner model 305 also comes with other secondary capabilities which become useful if you are wishing to achieve your fitness and weight reduction targets. It can store data up to a thousand laps and can also give you signals for time, lengths covered and velocity. These are provided in conjunction with value of heart beats per minutes and calorie consumption while doing exercises. The water proof Garmin Forerunner305 has batteries which can recharge up to 10 hours of charge. The data on this Garmin Heart Rate Monitor can be transferred using a USB interface

The Garmin model 305 is the picture of smart looks, usability and high level position. Amazon.com has a system of rating product by consumers on scale of zero to five stars and the Garmin 305 has got 4.5 stars to its name. It is agreed that the Garmin 305 is relatively bigger in size but it gives everything that is expected. This Forerunner GPS unit will be at the number one spot for many years to come. In case, you are considering going up next level in your fitness, then having the Garmin 305 will fulfill all your expectations.

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