Product Review Of Panasonic Model EP-30005 Massage Chair Recliner

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Massage chairs are advancing rapidly in technology Inc. and provide full body massage capability. The UK market has some of the Panasonic line, but it is rare to find the EP-30005 model. Some massage chairs like the Panasonic EP-30005 have over 1000 unique massage modes. This is a great way to get massage therapy on demand in your home. Here are some of the advanced features contained in the Panasonic EP30005 massage chair.

This recliner is part of the Real Pro Ultra series. The Real Pro Ultra series consists of a common technology platform. The basic frame of the chair is the same as well as the technology. There are slight design changes made to each model with incremental features added as you go up the line.

You get a lot of coverage with this recliner. Your back can be massaged over an area of 200 in.. The rollers are able to provide a thorough massage to the back, neck and shoulders. The massage pressure can also be changed to three different levels.

This particular model offers you deeper massage than usual. A specially designed roller can vary the intensity of the depth of massage. This helps it better penetrates through the muscle and soft tissue areas.

An ultra fine kneading technique has been added to this recliner. It is called Junetsu. This massage helps to target knots in the back and shoulders. It makes specialized movements to relieve your tension.

An air massage system is also included with this recliner. The air massage system provides compression style massage. There are airbags located throughout the chair. They inflate according to the program to relieve different parts of your body.

There are four different styles of manual massage modes. The specialized massage technology has the ability to deliver these massages. The massages are shiatsu, Swedish, fist kneading and grasping. The technique you would like to apply is just a button push away.

Another unique way that Panasonic make it easy for you is with some programming. This recliner will remember certain programs as you save them. You can remember programs for up to four different users. This makes it quick and easy to get your favourite massage fast.

There are advanced scanning technologies to provide a custom massage for you. The chair uses a three-dimensional scan of the back. This produces a virtual map of your spine. This information is then fed through the chairs computer to provide a custom massage.

Get a great reflexology foot massage on demand. The soothing of your tired and aching feet with a foot massage is just a wonderful thing. Relax your body and mind with a reflexology foot massage.

This recliner is equipped with foot reflexology massage. Specialized plates are located underneath the soles of the feet. These are used to stimulate the trigger points of the feet to relax the major organs of the body.

If you like deep massage, then this is the strongest recliner offered by Panasonic. It uses their special three-dimensional roller unit. This roller unit can provide additional pressure not commonly found in other models.

There are a number of good features making the Panasonic EP 30005 massage chair a good value. There are quite a number of automatic massage programs as well as manual techniques. The air massage system is comprehensive and relieving. This massage chair is slightly smaller than others so try it before you buy the Panasonic EP-30005 massage chair.

Get massage therapy on demand with a Panasonic Massage Chair. This is a great way to get frequent massaging treatments in the comfort of home. Massage Chairs make it easy and convenient to relax and relieve your tensions. Browse through the top brands to find the right one for you.

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this massage chair is very effective for massage therapy

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