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Summer is coming and its time to trim down and bring out your sexy summer-body so you can enjoy the warm weather to its fullest. Its time to shed the winter pounds and give yourself a sexy summer look.

Top 4 Ways to Look Great this Summer:

1. Drink Plenty of Water

Thinking about getting rid of that stuffed looked around your belly? The best thing to do is drink more water. It is recommended that you drink about 6 to 8 full glasses of water a day, in order for your metabolism to work effectively and clean your system.

2. Eat Sexy Foods

Many foods actually help increase metabolism, which is helpful when you are trying to reach your weight loss goal. Whether you're out at a restaurant or doing some cooking, a simple move like picking the right foods to eat can definitely get you towards your sexy body in no time!

Increase the amount of fresh fruit you eat through your day, perhaps eating fruit for snacks or chopping up different fruits to make a fruit salad for dessert instead of cakes or sweets.

3. Detoxify The Body

The body tends to store nasty toxins around the colon. These toxins can add a bloated look around the stomach and make you feel less energized. Products such as Ever Cleanse will help naturally detoxify your system.

Did you know that eating unhealthy foods over winter can leave traces of fecal plaque lining the sides of your bowels? When you don't detoxify your body, you could be storing up to 15 pounds of fecal plaque right there inside you, which can make you look bloated and swollen and can also leave you tired and irritable.

Using a detoxifying formula like EverCleanse can help get rid of these toxins quickly and easily. The gentle formula can help to flush away many of the toxins stored within your system, giving you more energy and helping to reduce the bloating quickly.

4. Exercise

Getting that sexy summer body doesn't mean you have to go off and train for the Olympic team, but you should increase the amount of exercise you are currently doing. Take it slow by walking everyday for 30 minutes. Not only will it help clear your mind, but it will also keep you moving!

Easy exercises that focus on individual areas, like sitting-squats for tightening up your butt or crunches to help flatten your stomach are also going to help bring your sexy body back in time to enjoy summer.

Metilda Sackerwack is a professional nutritionist, who has helped hundreds of people get on track with their health! She has personally seen the benefits of using the Ever Cleanse detoxifying formulas, and recommends nothing less for her clients. To learn more about Ever Cleanse, visit evercleanse.com.

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