Buying Soy Candles To Benefit The Environment

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You should definitely consider switching to soy candles if you are a person who loves the soft and gentle glow of candlelight but do not like the paraffin undertone that comes with the burning of normal candles. These are the perfect alternative if you love candles and want an environmentally friendly light source in your home that also provides the added benefit of fragrancing the atmosphere with natural essential oils.

This natural alternative provides a wealth of choice to the avid candle connoisseur and provides a scent to suit every mood and occasion. Are you a sucker for sandalwood? Do you adore the scent of apples? Mad for mint? Enjoy other fragrances like citronella, lily of the valley, lavender, patchouli, cedar, roses and every other conceivable fragrance under the sun!

If you want a relaxed nights sleep or to de-stress after a particularly busy day why not light a lavender or eucalyptus candle to soothe away your stress before the lights go out and you drift off to dreamland? You can select a warming fragrance like Moroccan cedar to scent your den while you enjoy a good read and sip a glass of port by the fireside. There is a scent for every occasion.

Thanks to advances in modern science, we are lucky to have access to the soy massage oil candle! This marvelous invention means that your candle burns at a far cooler temperature, only two degrees above ambient body temperature. The melted oil can be poured onto the skin without fear of scalding and you can enjoy the sheer bliss of a stress reducing massage.

You can enjoy a wide variety of options when shopping for a soy candle for home or office. There are countless shapes, sizes, mesmerizing fragrances and wonderful colors to select from. You can buy your candles to match your color scheme at home. Due to the fact that they are made of all natural ingredients they do not release toxic vapours when burnt, meaning that you are not releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Using soy candles means that you are taking a responsible step towards using environmentally friendly products.

Farmers and the economy benefits when you invest in soy products and you are creating a much needed source of income in your country. The fact that these candles have a lower melting point means that they are safer for use around the home and there is less chance of a scalding accident occurring. This will bring a sense of ease in households where there are small children at play. Soy candles cannot stain, so the fear of ruining your favorite table cloth is immediately eliminated.

Soy wax is better able to absorb and release fragrances than other types of wax, meaning that your candle will emit a stronger, cleaner fragrance. Being a green product also means that it is an environmentally friendly item that causes no damage or degradation to the ecosystem during its harvesting or manufacture.

Soy is a sustainable and renewable resource, meaning that it can easily be produced in greater volumes to meet the demand for the product. In a world where so many industries are responsible for the damage done to the environment it makes sense to invest in a product that is eco friendly. So take a step towards green living and invest in soy candles.

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