Celtic Wedding Bands ” Bands That Represent The Strongest Symbols Of Marriage

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Celtic wedding bands are reflections of the Celtic heritage passed down since the 1st century BC. They contain various meaning or symbolism depending on the tribe, the time period and the favored Celtic gods. Celtic wedding bands are pieces of artwork. They are designed with two knots woven together, symbolizing the two paths that have been joined together to love till eternity.

The history of Celtic wedding bands dates back to the 1st century BC and contains one of the strongest symbols of marriage that is in existence today. Those symbols were derived from one of the most ancient cultures and traditions of the past. And because they are symbols, Celtic wedding bands have something to do with Celtic people, their history, religion and art.

The Celts originate from the provinces of Western Europe. These groups of people descended from one of the original seven Celtic fringe provinces. Celt was the name given by the ancient Greeks to all those who lived north of the Alps. The provinces include Scotland, Ireland, Brittany, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Galicia and Wales.

The Celts passed down their traditions and history through their artwork and symbolism. Their symbolism explains how they felt about life, death, universe and the result of the changing seasons. It also reflects the human spirit, the ambitions and desires, aspirations and fears, and beliefs of the Celts who lived two thousand years ago.

Oldest Celtic culture remnants maybe found in Austria, Belgium, Eastern France, North Italy, North Switzerland, South Germany, Spain and Turkey. Today, Celtic jewelry is worn by people around the world. They are popular because of their powerful symbolism and appealing intricate beauty. Earlier Celtic jewelry was traded by Aristocrats across Mediterranean due to its appeal and craftsmanship.

Celtic wedding bands are beautiful but many people choose to try and connect it with their ancestry. Celtic wedding bands contain artwork and symbolism of Celtic people. These wonderful pieces of jewelry contain various meanings, which reflect Celtic people, their history, their time period, their favored Celtic gods, their beliefs, their culture and their traditions.

Jewelers make intricately designed Celtic wedding bands using gold, bronze and sterling silver. The Celtic wedding bands with Celtic knot works were designed out of crosses, triskeles, animal motifs and spirals. Others are created using gemstones like diamonds and rubies. The Celtic symbols reflect spiritual belief and kinship.

The knots on the Celtic wedding bands can have various meanings. They can symbolize love, longing, and a true passion for life itself. Aside from knots, Celtic wedding bands can contain fierce beasties and spirals, some of which were so hypnotic that they were called “the work of angels”.

Claddagh, one of the most traditional Celtic symbol, has a heart in the center, surrounded by hands and has a crown on top. The heart represents love, the hands friendship, while the crown symbolizes fidelity. It has become the ultimate symbol of affection because it expresses love and friendship.

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A Celtic wedding band is the best token to represent the couples love, fidelity and commitment to each other. Not only because this are desirable for wedding rings but it signifies the love of two people shared by it's carved or engraved molded on the ring itself.

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