Top Hens’ Night Party Rules To Remember

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You can't skip a hens' night party if one of your friends is about to get married. There are so many great ideas there that you can use to help you organize the event. Before you get all excited though, you need to remember how important this party is. There are a couple of rules or tips you should follow.

#1- Keep compromising and embarrassing situations out of the plan.

It's only normal to want to organize a slightly bold hens' party. After all, a bold night out in the city might very well be your friend's last. Some typical activities on the wild side include bar trips and dancing with members of the opposite sex. Be very mindful though that your friend is going to get hitched and is not out to look for a new guy to hook up with. Out of respect to her and to her future husband, you shouldn't plan any activities that will put her in a bad situation.

You might just want to ask the upcoming bride what it is that she likes to do. You might not even know that she may not want to have a racy night out.

#2- Get the costs straight before the night.

Keep the hens' party running smooth by plainly laying out the expenses straightaway. You don't want participants to only hand over their cash contributions on the day itself. Collect in advance if you don't want delays or messy collections. To make the contribution per individual as close to exact as possible, determine the activities and destinations ahead of time.

#3- Make the event private if possible.

There is nothing wrong with holding hens' parties in public venues. This is especially true if the future bride makes a specific request for such an arrangement. If there are no particular preferences laid out however, you should consider getting a private venue. Keep in mind that a hens' night is intended to solidify the bonds of female friendship and provide wise counsel to the future wife. You can hardly get these done if you're out in a crowded place that has music blaring in the air.

#4- Make preparations for the following day.

Alcoholic beverages are almost always part of bachelorette parties. If this is the case with the event you're organizing, make sure you've got some headache medication, water and lots of wet towels for the morning after. Even if no alcohol is involved, you should still prepare some commonly used medication in case a participant gets an upset stomach or a dizzy spell in the morning after all the late night activities and food.

#5- Ask participants to suggest activities.

Every hens' party has games on the list of things to do. These can get pretty unentertaining though if the games you've prepared just aren't fun. If you're having problems with thinking of great game ideas, you can survey the participants a week before the party for ideas. Using participant ideas is a great way to ensure they'll enjoy because the game was their recommendation in the first place.

It's not too hard to put a hens' night party together. You need to remember though to put a great deal of effort into making sure that every detail is just right. Follow these basic tips and you won't have any problems.

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my parents are leaving and i wanna throw a party but im sick of it always getting trashed by the end of the night. So what should some rules be to tell my friends and their friends?

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How can i organise a successful night party show for xmas?

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