How To Prevent Tooth Decay

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One of the major dental problems that most kids experience is tooth decay, probably because they are the ones who love sweets the most. But adults are also not very far behind. If you would go to a dentist and ask him which of the common dental problems are often presented to him, he would likely say that tooth decay is one of them. We all have gone through the painful experience of having tooth decay and we certainly do not want that to ever happen again. So the question is, how can we prevent tooth decay? The answer is really very easy.

For so many years, dentists just like Dr. Jonathan Hartley of Melbourne, they have been advocating that people should brush their teeth as often as possible. How often? Twice a day is the norm but actually it is preferred if you can brush your teeth after every meal. This way you immediately get rid of the small pieces of food stuck between your teeth and you also prevent the quick build up of bacteria in your mouth. Because when you combine bacteria and food scraps, tooth decay is not far behind.

The truth is that if we do not regularly brush our pearly whites, we should consider ourselves already lucky if it is just tooth decay that we might get. Because there are a myriad of other dental disorders that can result to poor dental hygiene. There is of course gingivitis and gum diseases. And also bad breath, something none of us definitely want to get.

Here some of the ways that Dr. Jonathan Hartley recommends that you do to help prevent tooth decay, gum infection and other common dental problems.

While brushing your teeth was already mentioned and it still proves to be the most important, another thing that you should be doing is flossing your teeth. It is the best technique to get rid of stuck small pieces of food between your teeth. You definitely do not want those staying there for a long time. It is advisable to floss after each meal but if you cannot follow this, at least floss at night before you go to bed.

When choosing your toothpaste, pick one that has fluoride as its main ingredient. Fluoride helps to strengthen the teeth, making it more resistant against bacteria and cavities. The problem with most people is that they often select their toothpaste whether it tastes better, makes their breath fresher or teeth whiter and not because it makes their teeth stronger, which is the most important of all.

There is another thing that we should be putting more into our bodies if we want stronger teeth, and that is calcium. We all know that calcium helps make our teeth stronger that is why we have long associated milk with strong teeth. Other good sources of calcium are broccoli, fish, and orange juice.

However if there is something that we should avoid eating too much of it is carbohydrates and sugar. These usually stick onto the tooth enamel, in turn causing it to weaken and become more prone to cavities. That is why we should stay away from eating too much candies and chips.

And of course we should still visit our dentist regularly to help keep our teeth in ideal condition. Dr. Jonathan Hartley do not recommend that we should only go to the dentist when we start experiencing tooth pain because this is often too late to save the tooth. That is why a regular dental check up is necessary.

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Oral health has become a big issue not just because most people don't have oral health insurance but because they do not take preventative actions. If we are taught little steps of what to do and make it an every day habit it will go a far way.

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