How To Forgive A Cheating Boyfriend – 3 Christian Principles Restores Trust With Cheating Boyfriend

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You're a devoted Christian female. But you're facing a difficult challenge. Can you discover a way to forgive a cheating boyfriend?

I understand exactly how you feel – I was crushed when I discovered my boyfriend cheating just 3 months before we were to be married! The pain and utter despair you experience at this moment is precisely what I felt. I didn't believe I could forgive a cheating boyfriend.

But I have some wonderful news for you… and it is this:

I discovered the ability to forgive my cheating boyfriend and the experience actually brought about a stronger, closer relationship for us. It was all because of God's help. And the same can happen for you!

You can restore your damaged relationship and bring praise to God. In fact I am going to disclose 3 simple secrets that can help.


Don't blow energy in blaming your partner. That won't help you forgive a cheating boyfriend. Realize that blame produces nothing and only makes the tension even more difficult.

Understanding the underlying reason is crucial to working on a resolution. Seek to understand the problems that led to the unfaithfulness rather than focusing on guilt and blame.

The process of restoration can begin only when each party is able to work on fixing the root causes. Pinpointing the issues and then fixing the issues is where energy and effort must be focused.

As a Christian, that's a crucial step to forgive a cheating boyfriend.


Know that time is necessary to forgive a cheating boyfriend and develop trust. The relationship has been badly injured and both parties must be prepared to work on healing.

With one tiny step at a time God will restore trust slowly, if the cheating party is ready to earn it. And it is critical to a solid, Christian relationship. Trust is earned; it won't be given away for free.

The main point here is that both parties must be willing to work at restoring trust. The ability to forgive a cheating boyfriend will not occur instantly or without effort.


We can do nothing, but all things are possible with God's help. And that includes the ability to forgive a cheating boyfriend and develop a strong, God-centered relationship.

We are also instructed to lean upon each other. The prayers of fellow Christians can accomplish much more than praying by yourself.

How could I detail the agony I was experiencing? I was too embarrassed to talk about my situation to others, especially close friends and my pastor. I simply could not talk about it. When I labored to forgive a cheating boyfriend, this became a huge quandary.

But I found a wonderful alternative!

I urge you to go to www.WorldwidePrayerPartners.org right now, as I did. You can submit a prayer request with total privacy and within moments, thousands of prayer partners across the world will be praying just for you.

Can you imagine the tremendous power of the combined voices and faiths of an army of fellow Christians turning their full attention on your prayer to forgive a cheating boyfriend? It will produce a life-changing miracle (as it did for my relationship). God raised Jesus from the dead and that same power will restore your relationship.

You need God's help… You must have a miracle. Go to www.WorldwidePrayerPartners.org. Submit your confidential prayer request. Expect YOUR miracle… because it WILL happen!

[youtube:eEPRqxJKalM;Worldwide Prayer Partners;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEPRqxJKalM&feature=related]

If you don't see a video in this article, take a moment and watch a short video on How To Forgive A Cheating Boyfriend. Just CLICK HERE.

Experience the spiritual comfort and peace found only through the prayer support of thousands of fellow Christians. Make your confidential prayer request in total privacy today at www.WorldwidePrayerPartners.org.

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