Hemorrhoids And Exercise – Is It A Good Idea To Exercise When There Is A Hemorrhoid Problem

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When you have a hemorrhoid problem, you don't want it to get worse. It's a good idea to do things to reduce the itching, burning, and pain of a hemorrhoid problem. One concern that many people have is that they don't want this problem to get worse with exercise.

If you wonder if you can exercise or not, the answer isn't actually a yes or no type answer. The issue is stress. If what you do causes stress to the hemorrhoid it will cause them to swell more making the problem much worse which will take longer to heal.

You definitely want to avoid heavy weight lifting especially things like squats. These put tremendous pressure on the anal area making it very easy to worsen symptoms. But when it comes to your arms and chest you can lift as long as you notice that your hemorrhoids aren't getting bigger.

If you are doing cardiovascular exercise, you will need to do your routine and see what the results are. If it's too much stress, your hemorrhoid will get bigger. You might want to consider taking it easy and doing a simpler routine or even stopping completely until the hemorrhoid heals.

It would be good to take a warm bath after exercise to help with the swelling of the hemorrhoid, to clean the area, and the relieve some pain. The water from the bath will sooth the area and help to reduce the swelling which is a good idea to do on a daily basis.

Does the extra stress on the hemorrhoid mean that you should avoid all exercises?

Doing absolutely nothing and sitting all day is going to cause stress so nothing isn't the answer. Walking during the day will help keep the blood moving in the body. If your normal routine causes too much stress, be sure to get in a few walks during the day even if they are only for a few minutes.

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Good article here. While exercise is always good for our bodies, and sitting around all day will not only be uncomfortable but will also aggravate a hemorrhoid, you do have to be careful about strenuous exercise that puts additional pressure on anus or sphincter muscle.
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