Why Are So Many Saying There Is An Enlyten Scam?

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Among the newly-established multilevel marketing companies today, a company named Enlyten is getting a lot of public and media attention. Apart from having high-profile celebrity sports figures as its endorsers, the company also markets a unique array of health and wellness products, which surprisingly come in strip form. The company is headed by Lynn Mitchell, and currently has established a strong presence in all 50 US states. So is this MLM entity a legitimate one or is there an Enlyten scam out there??

Promoting An Innovative Array of Health Strips

The Enlyten product is unique in that it comes in a dissolvable strip form. These include antioxidant melatonin electrolyte plus and energy strips, all designed to increase alertness and deliverer specific nutrients. [viddler:6cb97c2f;[link:Enlyten Scam];http://www.viddler.com/player/6cb97c2f]

Does The Opportunity Make The Grade?

Interestingly enough the main Enlyten website doesn't go into a ton of detail about the opportunity. What you can do is become a business builder by paying from $49.95 to $649.95,based in the level you want to join at. You can earn from 25% to 59% discount on the actual sales of the products. The company also has numerous other bonuses that they give their distributors, ranging from first-order bonuses and check matching bonuses. Overall a pretty solid compensation plan.

Fairly Decent Multilevel Marketing Venture

So, overall is the wool being pulled over our eyes with an Enlyten scam? No it's actually a very good business with a very unique product.

The overall business looks very good and compares very well to other plans in the industry. In addition you have some very big endorsements from one sports figure in particular, and a very unique product line which helps this stand out in a crowded marketplace.

But, true success lies in Enlyten lies in how you promote it. Instead of arresting friends and family and passing out flyers at the mall you really need to take advantage of the high-tech tools that are available to help your business on build it on the Internet. Such things as PPC marketing, article marketing and search engine optimization are just a few to help you promote the product and business.

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