Stop looking for the perfect workout program. Here is P90X.

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In today's fitness industry, there has been a proliferation of innovations and developments with workout systems. At the forefront of this progress is the P90X. Of course, the challenge when it comes to selecting the workout system that is right for you, is discerning just what makes one system different from the other. There are many advantages to the P90X, including features and other standards that differentiate it from all the rest.

Created and honed by fitness expert Tony Horton, and refined from at first a simple interval based routine, P90X is the latest evolution of an entire brand. With an intended target duration of 90 days (yes, where the 90 in the name originates), and integrating elements from almost all areas of physical training, it aims to keep the body challenged and off balance every step of the way. 90 days, broken down into a program of 13 weeks of 6 days a week workouts (with stretching or rest on day 7), to hit every muscle, and keep hitting it. How?

Workouts average an 1 per workout day. The days on which you work certain spots are staggered, leaving muscle training, and ab and core work, to days 1, 3, and 5, typically, and focusing on cardio and body weight related controlled movement programs (yoga, for instance) on the days in between.

Also incorporated, as you progress, are weeks for merely muscle training, layering in more stretching and other more mild components than before, and mere cardio weeks, where muscle work is dispensed with, and your cardio challenges are amped up.

So what do you need? Not much, thankfully. As any fitness enthusiast knows, equipment can get expensive, but P90X, for the most part, seems to be determined to pare it down to the bare essentials. Getting along in the system requires, usually, not much more than your standard dumbbells (ranging in weights from 15 to 30 or so), a pull-up bar or resistance band, and, ideally, just for your own comfort while performing some of the yoga and stretching intense sequence, a personal yoga mat. The essentials. P90X certainly seems to keep to them, in both the materials, and the workout itself.

And the diet? With some leeway depending on whether you're aiming for muscle building or just becoming leaner, P90X's diet parameters, as is the case with most programs, are try, if you can, to lower your carbs, and protein protein protein. A post-workout drink, as well, to provide your body with essential resources to aid recovery, is also advised, which P90X helpfully supplies to you themselves, with a formula they've created to best supplement their program.

Tony Horton, himself, will walk you through the program on a series of DVDs. Because he is responsible for the development of the system, he is the most obvious choice for demonstration and instruction. Like any good trainer, he is encouraging and well-spoken onscreen, but his demeanor is meant to push you as well. To ensure you get the most out of the P90X, Tony speaks to you to really give the program your best and most-inspired effort.

Celebrities, professional athletes, and even members of congress have endorsed P90X. It's sold millions of copies, and you can see advertisements for it anytime you switch on the TV. But does it live up to the hype, will always be the bottomline question. It honestly seems to, is the bottomline answer. Working every part of your body, keeping you challenged, and setting precise goals and schedules and taking care of every aspect a serious fitness buff could desire, P90X is everywhere, but it's everywhere for a reason.

P90x extreme home fitness workout programis extremely fun and exciting. Tony Horton spends allot of time making sure you don't get board or reach a plateau. You may also consider the Debbie Siebers Slim In 6 workout program

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P90X?the workouts are intense, everything you need.

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