Discover The Advantages Of Super Foods Such As Blue Berries

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It has long been proven that fruits and vegetables are part of a nourishing food intake but comparisons among foods have found a few foods that are so nutritious and favorable that they are considered to be “super foods” or “super fruits”.

A super food can be described as a food that offers exceptional nutritional significance for the amount of calories it contains. These great fruits and vegetables include spinach, broccoli, pumpkin, tomatoes and more. Most of the berries, especially blueberries, cranberries and the acai berry from Brazil are considered to be super fruits.

The super foods have a incredibly high ORAC value. ORAC is the Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity and it is a scientific measurement of antioxidant ability, the antioxidants from a food are tested on their capability to defuse oxygen free radicals in a test tube.

Free radicals are an unsound molecule that is absent an electron. They are organically formed anytime our bodies utilize oxygen for any process, which is almost every process in our bodies. When you are living and breathing you are inevitably creating free radicals every minute. Antioxidants are distinctive compounds that are found in food that bestow the missing electron to a free radical and defuse them.

Nevertheless, free radicals are very volatile and when they run wild they can produce all kinds of destruction in our bodies from creating sickness, to making wrinkles and sags on our skin, to even assisting our bodies to retain too much weight. Free radicals can wreak devastation with every system of our bodies from our immune system, cardiovascular system to the functions or our brain.

The damage from free radicals is subtle. It shows up gradually. Most disease come about after a time-consuming development, few if any show up straight away. A sickness manifests after a long process. Same with wrinkles and gray hair, very few folks wake up one day entirely gray and totally wrinkly. But a gray hair here and a furrow there all add up.

Nature has given a means to counterbalance the harm from free radicals and to help thwart the diseases, and the effects of aging. Antioxidant rich foods present the missing electron to the free radical thereby neutralizing it and preventing the harm that it is doing.

To bestow the maximum benefit, antioxidant rich foods need to be eaten each day. Since the free radicals are forever being produced, they must always be neutralized. Research is continuing to present further information about the usefulness of antioxidants in improving our health. It is prudent to reinforce your everyday diet with blueberries, acai berry supplements, spinach, pumpkin and more.

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Agreed, super foods and super fruits are a great way to stay healthy. I eat as much fruit as I can and I also take the Fruit Advantage super fruit supplements. I also drink blueberry juice and b cherry juice every morning.

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