How To Choose A Perfect Triathlon Training Book

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Recently, online triathlon book distributor “Mindset Triathlon” owner Staley Krause was interviewed at the Rock Star Triathlete Academy about how she would choose a perfect triathlon training book. She had several suggestions for some familiar titles, as well as books we'd never heard of, from inspiration to education to nutrition and cross-training.

Here are some of Staley's top picks

Inspirational Triathlon training book best choices – Theses are the top 5 triathlon books that will help you get pumped up to get through training or even a race when things get tough.

1. The Extra Mile, Rodale Books. A tale of how a under dog came to win one of the hardest ultra distance running events in the world.

2. My Triathlon Family, Glen McGowean. This book gives advice on how to get your kids involved in the sport of triathlon.

3. You Go Girl! The best is yet to Comeby Darlene Ballard (anthology) The story of a woman who went through many mental challenges on the path to racing a triathlon.

4. The Meaning of Triathlon, Brian Brode

5. Slow Fat Triathlete, Jayne Williams

Educational triathlon training book top picks- If you are looking to get all the tips and advice that will make you stronger and faster than these books are a great read.

1. Triathlete in Transition, Ironstruck. A book on how to go from athlete to triathlete

2. Championship Triathlete Training, Human Kinetics

3. Runners Edge, Human Kinetics

Nutrition & Cross Training Triathlon Training Book Picks – triathlon is about much more than training – you must also have your nutrition and cross-training planned out perfectly! These three books (the top two of which are given free to Rock Star Triathlete Academy members) will get you dialed in for those departments.

1. Top 12 Resistance Training Routines for Triathletes, Ben Greenfield. An excellent resource on how to use strength training to get stronger, faster and healthy all year long.

2. Holistic Fueling for the Ironman Triathlete, Ben Greenfield. An “A” class book on eating healthy whole foods for fuel as a traithlete.

3. Endurance Sports Nutrition, Human Kinetics. A great resource on who to fuel for various endurance sports so one can perform at their best.

What do you think? Have you read any of these triathlon training book picks? Are you hungry to learn more about how to become inspired and excel at the sport of triathlon? Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced triathlete, you'll find everything you need in one or more of these books

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Dave Biondo Author Oct 11, 2010

Great list.
I can thoroughly recommend Swim, Bike, Run by Wes Hobson, Mike Vickers and Clark Cambell. An great training resource.

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David Hussey Author May 14, 2010

Thank for sharing. I followed your tips to buy great inspirational trithlon training books. There so many educational tips and advice. These books are a great read.
.-= David Hussey´s last blog ..African Triathlon Union Visits Maputo =-.

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Debinz Author Jan 25, 2011

Other triathletes I know always recommend me Arthur Lydiard's books. I gotta get them and have a read. You may not have heard of him since he is a New Zealander. IMTalk (a podcast I listen to weekly) also have some good recommended triathlon books http://www.imtalk.me/book-page1/

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Kyle Author Oct 20, 2010

I haven't heard of these books but thanks for sharing this information. Definitely something to look into for my next event.

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