Is It Right To Try And Choose Your Babies Gender?

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It seems that when you become pregnant, the whole world becomes a baby gender predictor. Everyone, it seems, has an opinion or a favorite trick to guess whether you're having a baby boy or girl. Some people even lay odds on your baby's sex and win jackpots!

Of course, there are many old wives tales ranging from the shape and size of your belly to how you look at your fingernails to the kinds of food you crave during your pregnancy. While these baby gender predictor tricks can be funny, they're questionable as to accuracy.

Reputed to be highly accurate as a baby gender predictor is the Chinese pregnancy or baby prediction calendar. This ancient document was uncovered in royal burial grounds in China and is till being used by women all over the world to determine their baby's sex as well as a tool in pre-pregnancy gender planning.

It used to be extremely difficult to predict a baby's gender before birth, but with the advent of the ultrasound machine, this has become a reality for many expectant parents. The best time to perform the sonogram is during the middle of the second trimester. It is a non-invasive procedure and can be quite accurate if performed under the right conditions.

Prior to undergoing an ultrasound examination, the mother might need to drink large amounts of water to enable a clearer picture to present itself. Other than a full bladder, there is little to no discomfort. The sonogram can be pretty accurate but there are factors which can obscure the details of the baby's gender such as the direction it is facing during examination. The baby's size and age can also affect the examination. For that reason, a sonogram as a baby gender predictor falls short of providing 100% accuracy.

The truth of the matter is that laboratory examination of the amniotic fluid is the only current means of accurately determining a baby's sex prior to birth. Unfortunately, amniocentesis is an invasive procedure which carries a risk of harm to the fetus and should never be undertaken for the sole purpose as a baby gender predictor.

With the availability of a reasonably accurate baby gender predictor such as ultrasound, new parents-to-be can elect to learn their baby's gender before it is born. In fact, many parents these days choose to do so. With the anticipation of a new baby, comes dramatic lifestyle changes. Something as simple as knowing what to shop for can go a long way towards reducing the stress factor for new parents.

Life is not certainly as easy as we would like like it to be. Whether you are a large bridesmaid or searching for a thanksgiving laptop deal you will certainly have to put in some effort.

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Great post. It is always posibble to choose and to predict a baby gender in natural ways.


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