Choosing The Gender Of Your Baby Is Possible?

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Did you know that you have the chance to increase the likelihood of having a boy or a girl? By employing new gender selection methods, you can choose the sex of your baby. Sure, it's not one hundred percent effective, but it does increase the likelihood.

Gone are the days when you have to “hope and pray” that you have a little girl or boy. Today, with the help of certain gender selection methods, you may be able to increase your chances by thirty to thirty five percent. Does this sound too good to be true, Well, relax, it is a reality for many people.

Whatever process you are thinking about going for, one thing is for sure and that is the fact that it will end up costing you some money. Is it going to guarantee that you get that beautiful baby boy or girl that you have been wanting? No, it will not, but the likelihood that you will conceive a baby of your desired gender are greatly increased.

Some of the newer gender selection methods make use of the IVF procedure to initiate conception and subsequent pregnancy. This will increase the chances that a woman will become pregnant by about thirty to thirty-five percent.

The one method that comes the closest to the one hundred percent guaranteed mark involves PGD. PGD is Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis. In many countries, this process has been banned except as a method that is only allowed to be used for medically necessary reasons.

With PGD you have an extremely good chance of getting the male or female child you want. This is because the embryo is pre-screened in order to determine the sex before it is implanted in the uterus. However, what about the actual statistics of getting pregnant? They're not all that great because again, PGD is relying on IVF when it comes to putting the embryo into the uterus. So now, you are back down to that thirty five percent chance of even getting pregnant.

Take note that there are alternative ways that you can use in order to select the gender of your baby. Just as there are natural ways for reducing labor pain and curing that headache, there are natural gender selection methods to conceive a girl or a boy. These natural methods involve keeping track of your ovulations times, using certain positions during intercourse and changing the diet a bit.

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It's important to accentuate that natural methods don't come with a 100% guarantee.

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