Steps In Achieving Tight Abs

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It's a fact that everyone wants to have beautiful abs. Even if your profession does not require a sexy ab, a sexy 6-pack abs gives you an attractive body that entices people. This makes you more confident and somehow you have a positive aura that people will be surely curious about.

Below are 5 ways how you can shape your abs to get that beautiful body you are dying to have:

First check, what you eat. Include in your diet some fruits, vegetables, pasta and meats; and make sure that they are in proportion. For example, in a meal, 1/3 of it must be vegetable, 1/3 meat and 1/3 pasta. Moreover, eat several small meals in a day.

Second, focus on body fat. Trimming off your body fat helps you have thinner abs. Combine weight training and cardiovascular exercise every week. Here's how to do it, have weight training for 3 days and cardiovascular exercise for the rest of week Also, do not forget to have a good diet.

Hydrate properly. When you workout, you need to drink more water. Once your body is hydrated well, your abs will have less water deposits thus making it easy to shape them up.

Fourth, be free from stress by resting within the day. Take a nap or attend to things that will relieve you from work. Lying down and closing your eyes may be not really important. Just do something stress-free for a while.

Lastly, always be consistent. When you start doing something, be sure that you are doing it on schedule. Once you are consistent, it will let you achieve the results faster. Make it a routine.

The best way to achieve better result to sexy abs is to sculpt your entire body. Doing crunches and sit ups are traditional concept that most people still believe in. Work all part of your body to keep it in better shape and well proportioned.

Lastly, do interval training. Do dead lift or plank exercises with a combination of treadmill, short running and brisk walking. This will give you a total workout. Thus you will burn enough calories to get those sexy 6-pack abs you wanted.

Anything you do requires a lifestyle change and practice. Changing your routine and doing more work will surely help you start achieving your objective. After all, practice makes perfect.

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Rahim Author Jan 30, 2010

Great information. One of the biggest misconceptions is that doing 1000 crunches a day will give you a six pack like magic. Crunches do help, but only in addition to other things like lunges, overhead squats, running, jumping rope and many others. Diet and portion control is important as well. My brother, who's a personal trainer, told me to ease up on the bread and pasta (the wrong kinds) and my results would come a little faster. He was right.

Rahim Samuel
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