Are Supplements Destroying Your Health?

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People across the globe are getting fatter and fatter. And this modern plague shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, even the healthiest countries are showing the same obesity rates that the U.S. had many years ago.

The bad news is that many people are trying to fix their problems by taking endless quantities of diet pills.

Thus, here are 6 reasons why you should question supplements:

1. It's a very loosely regulated industry: Virtually any individual can start a line of supplements overnight. And the worst part is that no one will make sure the supplements are pure. So be very cautious when taking supplements you are unfamiliar with.

2. Too much Vitamin D can ruin your health: Although many people are deficient in vitamin D, anything in excess is bad for you. In fact, if you have too much vitamin D you run the risk of calcifying your blood vessels which is not good.

3. The carrot vitamin is also damaging: Although you can't overdose on vitamin A from carrots, you can overdose when you take it in pill form. And too much vitamin A can cause birth defects. So get your daily value from natural foods.

4. The bone mineral can cause some serious pain: Chronic ingestion of calcium supplements increases your risk for developing kidney stones. And kidney stones can be very painful. Even worse, some recent research has shown that taking calcium can increase heart disease.

5. Modern food isn't deprived of nutrients: Many people believe that they can ‘t get adequate nutrition from modern day food. This belief is grossly over exaggerated, however. You will do just fine by eating regular food.

6. They can be very expensive: In some cases they can be prohibitively expensive. Now keep in mind that you will be far better off spending your money on food, not pills. After all, your body has evolved to digest whole food, not supplements.

Most supplements do more harm than good. So think hard before having your next round of pills and powders!

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Prams Pushchairs Author Mar 16, 2011

I agreed with you ?Modern food isn?t deprived of nutrients: Many people believe that they can?t gets adequate nutrition from modern day food ?. The ingredients of modern foods are very far from health safety. There are many issues occurs when we having modern foods.

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Sammy McMorris Author Mar 09, 2011

Yes, the whoel food and health supplement industry is partially helping others while partially destroying others. I suggest that we get back to the fundamentals and that is to keep our diet simple ? that further means less taste, more nutrition?

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VPS Author Feb 21, 2011

Nice articles about the supplements destroying health. It was very useful for me

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